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Superfood Heroes Aduna

Posted on May 22, '17
Superfood heroes Aduna bring the good people of the UK some of the finest superfoods from Africa, wrap them all up in beaut packaging and make sure they have a positive impact on the African communities they work with. Pretty badass right? 😎 ... Read Full Recipe

5 ways to ensure you get D&D in to every part of your day...because why not?!

Posted on February 28, '17
A few ideas on how to eat D&D allll day long...you can thank us later 😉... Read Full Recipe

Thanks I Love It

Posted on October 19, '16

Who doesn't love receiving beaut gifts through their letter box?!

Our delicious friends at Tili have just launched a range of super tasty gift boxes and we are in luuurve. Just look at that coloured co-ordinated deliciousness... 

Inside this blog post is the code to get 20% off your first box! 😲

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🙊 Organic September 🙉

Posted on September 23, '16
We firmly believe that you shouldn't put anything in your super tasty body that you wouldn't want to touch with your bare hands. 'But going Organic is SO HARD!!' I hear you say... well here's a little list of organic goodness that will make your lives a little easier 😘... Read Full Recipe

Drink Maple

Posted on August 25, '16
... Read Full Recipe

Good & Proper Tea

Posted on August 05, '16
We LOVE scoffing choc and we love it even more when our mateys come up with new and exciting ways to allow us to scoff choc 🍫 Good & Proper Tea did just that by smothering a specially made D&D Coconutella all over their sourdough crumpets last week for their #CrumpetCollaborations series (AND HOLY MOLY IT WAS GOOOOOD).... Read Full Recipe

Summer Interns

Posted on July 14, '16
We tied our interns to chairs and forced them to answer some questions. They were screaming most of the time, 😱 so these written answers are the closest we could get to interpreting what they were saying. 😜

*No interns were harmed in the production of this interview.*
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Pip & Nut

Posted on July 13, '16

We are nutterly (sorry, not sorry!) obsessed with Pip & Nut. Slathered on everything and anything - bananas, chocolate, toast… chicken?  Or just spooned straight out of the jar.  So nutty. So guilt free. So delish.

We've sorted you out with 20% off their webshop. Just type in DOISYANDDAM at checkout. Get a squirrel on before it all ends up in our bellies!

If you haven’t tried Pip’s nut butters yet, shame on you, go and forage for them! Or hopefully you'll stumble across one of their toast bars this summer. Their next event will be with Boomcycle and they're taking D&D along for the ride 🌰🍫😍

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Doisy & Dam Doughnuts at the Ace Hotel Bulldog Edition!! For a limited time only

Posted on July 01, '16

Throughout July, the Bulldog Edition at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch are going to be bringing us some of the sexiest doughnuts the world has ever seen and all of them will be inspired by our superdelish choc!... If anyone needs me over the next month you know where you can find me ;)

*AVAILABLE NOW* Lemon curd filled doughnut, white chocolate ,poppy seed glaze & candied lemon 


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Posted on June 30, '16

Our pals over at TRIBE are pretty awesome. They make energy and recovery snacks from 100% natural whole-foods with the sole purpose of giving athletes what they need before, during and after training. 

You can try your first tribe pack for 1 squid, read more to find out how ;)

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