I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit obsessed with doughnuts, I just love their fluffy, soft dough with that slightly crisp crust and an oozy thick centre of delight *salivates while writing*. No one gets this tricky combination more mind-blowingly spot on than Simon Gregory, Executive Chef at the Ace Hotel Bulldog Edition. O.M.Geezy he literally makes some of the most delicious balls of dough known to mankind and now – I can’t believe I’m going to say this - he’s going to make a whole load of these delights using OUR superdelish choc!!


Picture this: it’s a drizzly grey London day, you’ve been traipsing around - no doubt doing something awesome - but your feet are tired and you’re feeling a bit grumpy. You wonder in to this fab chilled out café (The Bulldog Edition), order a cup of coffee made from some of the sexiest beans this side of the equator –thank you Square Mile – and ask for an unctuous lemon curd filled doughnut with a white chocolate and poppy seed glaze. You park your bum down, relax, inhale the doughnut with glee and watch the world go by (probably playing that game where you guess peoples lives). Bliss.


Repeat this ritual every week for the next month and get a different, new unbelievably delish doughnut each time! Your taste buds are going to go nuts, trust me.


Lemon curd filled doughnut , white chocolate ,poppy seed glaze & candied lemon 

Week 2

Dark chocolate , hemp seed , candied ginger & chilli  doughnut 

Week 3 

Coffee cream filled doughnut , milk chocolate & buckwheat glaze 

Week 4 

Milk chocolate and date doughnut , Himalayan salt