It's Organic September! Woop. That means all across the UK people are going cray cray for all things Organic. There's events and food fayres galore. Find out all the delish things you can do on the Soil Association website

But...what does 'Organic' really mean? 🤔

Well I'll tell thee:

Organic foods are foods that are produced without the use of nasty chemical fertilizers and with lower levels of pesticides (only natural ones of course). It's food the way it should be, as natural as possible! 

The Organic certification is also linked closely with quality of product due to the regulations and high standards the farmers have to meet. For us, in the chocolate world, it means the cacao pod can grow just the way it should, with a little love, care and possibly few hugs. All we're saying is just let nature do it's thang.

We firmly believe that you shouldn't put anything in your super tasty body that you wouldn't want to touch with your bare hands. 'But going Organic is SO HARD!!' I hear you say... well here's a little list of organic goodness that will make your lives a little easier 😘

- The delish team at Abel & Cole are popping up all over the place😂  catch their pop-up restaurant on Brick Lane until 1st October

- We LOVE Alara Health Store & Organic Cafe - their vegan buffet is the bomb-diggidy 👅

- Start your day with a bowl of lip-smackingly tasty Rude Health cereal, at home or in their new cafe. Yeeeeah

- Oh, and you can always buy some organic choc from a certain superdelicious  company (ahem)