This year for Lent I'm giving p


As none of us here at Doisy & Dam have ever done the Lent thing and given up some kind of delicious food or habit, we thought we’d give it a go together. A lot of our fans follow a specific diet and we saw Lent as the perfect opportunity to join them. We're going to go vegan, gluten-free or sugar-free and use our trusty hat to help us decide who cuts out what. We love food - the prospect of doing this is somewhat scary 😨
 Time for the results. Atmosphere: tense.


Sugar bowl with sugar cubes flatlay

Diet: Sugar-free

Initial thoughts: I’m excited but a little apprehensive. I love sugar, I’m pretty good at regulating how much of it I have, but that’s a little like someone saying they’re good at regulating how much crack they smoke – I’m pretty sure I’m still addicted to it. I think it’ll be interesting when I discover how many products have sugar hidden in them 🍭

What you are looking forward to: Hopefully losing some weight and being a bit healthier!

What you are not looking forward to: Erm…..not eating sugar?

What you’ll miss the most: Sweets. So many different types and favourites that it’ll make me too sad to list them all.

A little bit of info: I’m basically not eating anything with any added sugar. We also decided as a team that this would be fairly extreme and ban any kind of alternative sweetener, think honey, maple syrup etc…Although I can get my sugar-fix by loading up on fructose-filled fruit. 


Steak on the BBQ - not Vegan!


Diet: Vegan
Initial thoughts: I’m scared, excited, intrigued and pissed off. I really like meat and fish, so obviously it's pretty painful that I got vegan… It’s going to be really tough to do this and the only thing that will stop me from cheating is that if Richard cheats and I’m clean, then I can come down on him with the vengeance and fury of a thousand winds. I am looking forward to learning about the world of veganism and how diets have to be adapted for lifestyle and health reasons.

What you are looking forward to: Eating at awesome vegan restaurants like the Rude Health Cafe

What you are not looking forward to: Quorn

What you’ll miss the most: Eating meat and fish daily, nightly and ever so rightly.

A little bit of info: I have to avoid animal products for 40 days and 40 nights. If it says vegan on the label, it’s got the thumbs up 👍 At least I can bond with Richard over our lack of honey!


Loaf of bread - not Gluten-free



Diet: Gluten-free

Initial thoughts: Out of the 3 options, I’m pretty happy that I’ve got gluten-free. I seem to think it’s going to be quite easy although I think I’ll soon find out that pesky little gluten is hiding in a lot of things that I didn’t initially realise.

What you are looking forward to: I’m looking forward to discovering new ways to get my daily carb fix - trying out weird new grains and pulses will be quite fun!

What are you not looking forward to: Reading the label to everything I eat! It will take so much longer to do a weekly shop!

What you’ll miss the most: I’ll miss having a “normal” breakfast and having a bacon sandwich to cure a hangover!

A little bit of info: Gluten-free is where you avoid eating any products that contain wheat, barley or rye. The only diet out of the three that is to be followed for medical reasons, I will be pretending I’m a coeliac for 6 weeks. Other than the obvious things such as bread, pasta or any flour based products, I will also have to avoid most beers and wines.


Wish us luck and we’ll keep you posted on how we’re getting along! Feel free to join us and share your experiences.