We’re fully into the swing of Lent now and it’s been a great week to discover what’s out there in the world of free-froms. We’ve had a super busy weekend supplying all the hungry visitors at the BBC Eat Well Show in Olympia with superdelicious chocolate. It was cool to meet some of our no.1 fans and it made us feel all warm inside to hear some amazing feedback! We want to give a special shout out to the selfie winner who came to claim her prize after winning 6 months ago just to try out the new flavour! Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Davina but we saw that she nailed it doing her sugar-free thing. We were a bit disappointed and surprised at the lack of lunch options to keep us going throughout the day. Ed couldn’t find anything vegan to munch on and no one really tried/cared to cater for him, but good old Doisy & Dam pulled through!
So here’s a little round-up of the best bits from the show:

Best vegan option
Doisy & Dam, obviously. But if we had to pick our 2nd best option Delicious Alchemy’s oaty cookies take it, they are gluten-free as well.

Best sugar-free option
Oppo’s new mint choc flavour, delish! Great work guys.


Best gluten-free option
BFree brown bread - makes great toast and no one would ever know that it’s gluten-free!


Best all-rounder
Get Fruity – these little babies tick all our boxes and actually taste good!


Best innovation
Flavor King plums – the most amazing hybrid fruit you will ever try! It’s a cross between a plum and an apricot (A.K.A pluots, apriums, or plumcots) and tastes like sweet, sweet pear drops.


Best story
BelSeva Birch Water - Patrice planted and has been tending his Birch trees for over 30 years just so that we can all enjoy the delish benefits of their nectar! Now his son, Arnaud, has brought the family Birch water over to the UK. That's serious long-term thinking!



And best of the rest…

See you all next year :)