Role Description 

We are looking for confident and enthusiastic people to help promote the Doisy & Dam brand.

This will be a part-time job requiring a commitment of at least 3 hours each weekend. We want you to help us sell lots of choc in all our stockists around London so you’ll need to be friendly and approachable. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with an up-and-coming brand and get a taster in to the world of sales. Not only that but we will reward your hard work with some free choc!


Required Skills

Sales ability – we want people who are confident and have the ability to turn potential leads into chocolate sales! This will involve tailoring your approach to a range different people with varying interests

Interpersonal skills – this role has strong customer interaction so you must be confident, enthusiastic and friendly. You will also be required to schmooze with the shop managers to get D&D into the best place possible!

Reliable – you need to be accountable and willing to work frequently. We are trusting you to represent the brand so it is really important that you are passionate about doing this.

Adaptable – you need to able to think on your feet and be quick to solve a problem if it arises. You need to have the ability to alter your technique depending on where you are and who your customer is.



Full of energy - this really rubs off on people so the more enthusiastic you are, the better!

Well presented – we need you to look the part! Scruffiness doesn’t sell particularly well…

Fluent in English

Living in London and be flexible to get to different places


What you’ll get

You will have lots of fun engaging with customers from all walks of life and gain an insight into the world of sales. This will provide you with some invaluable skills for other roles in the future. 

You will get the opportunity to work for and develop an up-and-coming brand. The more you can get out there and represent Doisy & Dam, the more we can grow.

As well as paying you £8/hr, we will recognise your hard work and reward you with lots of chocolate…who could say no to that?!


If you’re interested, please email with 100 words on why you want to work for Doisy & Dam.