Each of us have been keeping a little food diary of all the main things we've been munching on over the past week. You can see a typical week for us depending on our diets and how they vary. We'd greatly appreciate any free-from meal inspiration to keep us ticking over until the 5th of April so we don't get bored of the same old meals!



I’m surprised by the lack of innovation in my weekly diet, I’d never paid much attention to it before – clearly I love avocado and eggs more than I realised. It does show me that being sugar free is fairly easy so long as you are careful. Often I just miss the things that make dishes absolutely delish – the condiments and sauces. Oh and I’ve learnt not to buy sugar-free sweets…. never again. Well maybe again.


 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
  • Dorset Cereals muesli

  • Hummus, cherry tomatoes, avocado & rocket.

  • Mid-afternoon discovered sugar free sherbet lemons. Bought 3 packets, ate 1.5 packets immediately.

  • Steak dinner out at Roxie’s in Fulham. Delish but no sauces allowed L.

  • No breakfast, just coffee.

  • Ham & cheese sandwich.

  • Davina’s sugar-free flapjacks.

  • Mixed mezze Lebanese dinner.

  • Dorset Cereal Muesli

  • Avocado & feta on toast

  • Porchetta & spicy cheese Panini with salad

  • Scrambled egg & toast with chipolatas.

  • Porchetta & spicy cheese Panini with salad

  • Whole packet of sugar free chocolate eclairs (amazing).

  • Salmon, asparagus & Salad

  • Dorset cereals muesli

  • Chicken fajitas (no guac or hot sauce)

  • Dim Sum, disappointingly hard to have sugar free choices!

  • Dorset Cereals muesli


  • Avocado with feta & olive oil on toast

  • Spag Bol

  • Scrambled egg on Toast

  • Left-over bolognaise (delish)

  • Stir Fry without any delicious hoi-sin sauce :( 




Tofu has been the saving grace of this week. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been replacing protein with carbohydrates and getting slowly fatter, but then along came Señor Tofu. Tofu is awesome, it can taste great, has a great nutritional profile and you can safely throw it at people in anger. I’ve been experimenting with different types but so far my favourite is the Taifun smoked tofu which tastes delissssssh and is great in combo with other foods. The other thing is sushi! I’m a huge fan of sushi but I assumed it would be off limits but it’s usually only the fish part which is - you’re safe with veggie sushi and veggie hand rolls. Proper gyoza and tempura should be also vegan which is a massive bonus. I’m pretty sure I wont end up being vegan after this experiment but I’ll definitely have a different outlook on food.



 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
  • Tofu pepper sandwich

  • Veg sushi and tofu chorizo

  • Coffee, banana

  • Lentil soup and wheatberry salad

  • Tofu herb sausages and lentil soup

  • Coffee, banana

  • Vegan superfood sandwich, couscous

  • Potato, onion, chilli and chorizo tofu thing

  • Vegan superfood sandwich, sweet potato and black bean soup

  • Veg tempura bento box with additional delish sushi

  • Coffee, banana

  • Avocado, tomato, chilli, coriander, onion and bread

  • Potato, onion, chilli and chorizo tofu thing

  • Coffee and Banana

  • Couscous salad, carrots, hummus

  • Tofu curry soup thing from Wagamams

  • Couscous and wheatberry salad

  • Black bean soup with bread.




I’ve found that the excitement of my meals massively depends on how busy I am. It’s been great to have a big stash of gluten free goodies from BFree and Delicious Alchemy. The post-sampling Shashuka at FoodLab was delicious! I’d wanted to try it for ages and completely lived up to all expectations, sad times that I had to leave the focaccia though. My Sunday roast wasn’t quite the same without the gravy but it was all forgiven by the Delicious Alchemy brownies – whipped up in minutes but taste incredible!


 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
  • Grilled Grapefruit

  • Avocado on toast with chilli and lemon

  • Thai chilli chicken with mini corn and sugar snaps

  • Eat Natural Buckwheat muesli

  • Beans on Bfree brown toast

  • Chicken & mango supreme with rice and spinach

  • Delicious Alchemy’s porridge (so filling that I didn't need lunch!)

  • Salad bits – hummus, asparagus in parma ham, olives

  • Banana buckwheat pancakes with toasted pecans and maple syrup

  • Shashuka

  • Buffet at a salsa evening – salmon, salads etc

  • Grilled grapefruit

  • Roast chicken with no gravy :( followed by Delicious Alchemy chocolate brownies

  • Broccoli & stilton soup

  • Buckwheat muesli

  • West Indian chicken stew

  • Italian meatballs with polenta chips

  • Ginger & goji Qnola

  • Great Food falafels with beetroot & raw salad, broad beans & rocket

  • Egg fried rice