We thought we would put you all out of your misery and let you into a little secret of ours. A lot of people ask us who these mysterious Doisy & Dam people are – or sometimes Daisy & Dom, Dosy & Dan…the possibilities seem to be endless! So it’s time for the truth.

Edward Doisy & Henrik Dam were two extremely accomplished, Nobel prize winning scientists who made a triumphant discovery into the structure of Vitamin K in 1943. Vitamin K is packed into green, leafy vegetables, such as kale, and helps make your bones strong and mighty as well as helping your blood to clot – who knew?! Without their amazing work, we would probably be a lot less informed about all things health and nutrition, which a lot of us take for granted nowadays.

We wanted to put them on the front of our delish choc as tribute to the amazing work they did and also to reflect all the goodness of our superfood additions! They don’t know about all this, but we think they would have been big fans!