Whilst you’ve all been enjoying the hottest weather since records began, the same cannot be said for our poor little bars. If you've picked up one the unfortunate few in your favourite (but slightly too hot store) and it ends up looking a tad unusual, then fear not, because you can still munch away totally unharmed and here's why...

There they are minding their own business until temperatures soar to crazy highs and turn our beautiful bars into delicious molten puddles. Then, as night falls, they think they can return to their shiny selves but instead they transform into this new, ugly beast; all weird, white and crumbly. They are now stuck on shelves for eternity, not even tempting the most hungry, chocolate fiends. But fear not, because we’ve come to enlighten you on the wonderful, complex world of chocolate. It’s a little thing called bloom.
Our chocolate is made up of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and little bit of vanilla powder and then enhanced by incredible superfoods of course. We have two culprits that cause bloom: sugar and cocoa butter. For both cases, it’s the microscopic crystals structures that result in weird looking chocolate. Sugar bloom will only happen if the chocolate is exposed to water. This pesky liquid will dissolve the sugar crystals, and then when all the water has evaporated, the sugar form bigger, scarier crystals.

The second type of bloom is down to the cocoa butter. Think of it a bit like a dice. The crystals in the cocoa butter can exist in 6 different ways, all depending on the temperature and processing of the chocolate. When you generally think of delicious D&D chocolate, you think shiny, snappy, smooth and melt in the mouth. This is all down to our fave crystal structure - round of applause to number 5. It’s quite happy just sitting there until it gets all hot and bothered and then it just can’t cope with the dizzy heights of number 5 any more so has to settle for number 4. So just like you on a hot day, you are still the same person inside albeit a bit dishevelled. It will look a bit chalky and bubbly but it’s not mouldy and is still perfectly edible. These guys are the perfect excuse to get your bake on – maybe give this cake a go. Once you’ve gotten over the initial “Aghhhh my chocolate is mouldy”, you can appreciate this bloomin’ beautiful chocolate art. Not such the ugly duckling now!

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