What actually are superfoods? In the coming weeks, we’re going to give you the low down on each individual superfood found in our mouth-watering chocolate bars, from maca powder to goji berries.
We’ll kick things off with the mysterious lucuma. It may sound to the normal passer-by as somebody calling for the attention of his or her mother ‘Look! Oooo! Ma!’ but it’s actually more an avocado-shaped, sweet-tasting fruit found in Peru. Lucuma is native to the Andes Mountains in South America and is a superdelicious component of our coconut dark chocolate bar, growing at high altitudes of over 1000m - equivalent to 6250 of our large bars lying end-to-end!
Lucuma’s green outer-layer of skin protects a dry yet extremely sweet yellow flesh beneath, which tastes of fruity caramel. The fruit also has a large, golf ball-like seed, which sits in the middle of the fruit like the jam filling inside a juicy doughnut, except more round. And more solid. It’s actually not very similar to the jam filling inside a doughnut at all.
Lucuma is packed full of iron and B-vitamins to help keep you buzzing around and get your blood pumping at the perfect level. It also contains lots and lots of zinc and fibre, which make us look beautiful; think shiny hair, strong bones and a great set of pearly whites. This means you’ll be able to eat our chocolate for decades without even brushing your teeth! Please do not try this at home…

A little fun fact for you all - lucuma is also known as the ‘eggfruit,’ due to the shape of the seed inside. But we can assure you of two things:
- No chickens were harmed in the production of this fruit and
- The fruit contains no trace of egg and is acceptable for vegans to eat J
So now that you know more about lucuma, a delicious and healthy treat, you can now enjoy our coconut & lucuma bar with a bit more zest.