Next stop on the superfood blog train? The hemp seed. To answer your first thoughts, no, you cannot get ‘high’ from eating hemp seeds. Hemp does belong to the same family as marijuana, however the two plants are, biologically, very different. In other words, you can still eat our superdelicious Ginger, Chilli Flakes & Hemp Seed bar without worrying about the random drug tests at work, or getting the munchies. Don’t worry, be happy.  

Hemp seeds are a great natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help you keep all your marbles and improve memory. So not only will you never forget to put your orders in on time, but your improved cognition will allow you to make the right choice in buying D&D choc.
You’ll literally never get sick of our chocolate as the rich source of protein in hemp seeds helps to strengthen the immune system, reducing instances of disease and excreting bodily toxins. In fact, hemp seeds are known as one of the highest sources of complete protein in all plant-based foods on Earth, so smothered in delicious chocolate; they make the perfect post-workout snack.
There’s also no need to be sad that you’ve just finished your bar of D&D, as the fatty acids in hemp seeds can fight symptoms of depression and have also been known to fight heart disease and even cancer.
You may not be able to get high on hemp seeds, but with hemp seeds, you can get high on nutrition.