Phew, we’ve been on quite a journey over the past two years. We’ve gone from being two corporate city folk with a pipe dream and hungry stomachs to running our own superdelish chocolate company. To say we’re chuffed is a massive understatement; we still can’t get over seeing D&D on shelves let alone seeing a stranger scoffing down a bar. The next step is to see D&D litter on the streets (N.B. we do not, nor have we ever advocated littering).

But how did it all start?! I hear you ask. Well, initially, we wanted to take over the world of course* (mwahaha) but then, as we sat in our office (Rich’s mums kitchen), we realised that it would be far more realistic (and beneficial) to start small, stay local, grow organically and take our time. I mean you can’t rush perfection right?

We were really into the idea that you could treat yourself without having to feel guilty all the time and wanted to come up with something that was indulgent, had a high nutritional value and, most importantly was superdelicious. Superfoods were our superstars when it came to this, we could add them into all sorts of scrumptious delights without having to worry about unnatural or synthetic ingredients. Shaking up a traditional bar of choc wasn’t first on our list but once we tried it, hot damn, we couldn’t stop eating it, and so the earliest bar of D&D was born.

 We grew up in the independent shops of London, did the hard graft working out what it was that our customers wanted and continuously developed the product according to their feedback. The more time we spent in shops, the better the bars became and eventually we ended up with a product uniquely designed by our own customers! Pretty easy for us to be honest ;)


Once we’d laid the ground work in the independents of London, we realised loads of people didn’t have access to our choc. Obviously that had to change. So we set about thinking about other places our customers might want to enjoy the cheekiest little bar of D&D. Turns out people like eating D&D everywhere and anywhere; the coffee shops, the yoga studios, the health markets and the office buildings.



And so two years later with a lot of hard graft, rejection, mistakes and successes here we are, with our little family of 6, selling choc, eating choc and living the dream. We don’t know where we’ll be in two years time, but we’re having a blast so long may it continue.