Did you know that the average car emits 6 tons of CO2 every year. That's a lot of CO2. And there are a LOT of cars🚗

A bicycle produces no carbon emissions. That's zero. ZE-RO👌.

Whether it's a quick drive to the corner shop, boiling the kettle for a cuppa or leaving your laptop to charge all night, we're using up energy ALL THE TIME! If only we had the energy to do something about it ourselves...

Oh wait....we do! We at D&D think it's time to get off our bums and start making a difference rather than letting technology do it for us. 

Becoming a B Corporation has given us a kick in the **** to take a long hard look at the way we are and the habits we've formed and, frankly, we want to be better human beings. So we think It's time to dust off those wheels and get pedalling 🚴  towards a better and cleaner future!

Click here to find out more about what a B  Corp is and why we're super proud - *puffs out chest - to be one😁😁


Our main aim is to reduce air pollution by choosing better ways to travel🚴

But really we want to reduce pollution any way we can! Our new motto is ''save ENERGY💡, save the PLANET🌏''. We think it's gonna catch on 😜


1. Not everyone in the office can walk or cycle to work because it would literally take a gazillion hours and we would never actually make any chocolate. 

2. We share an office with a TEA company, which means that the kettle gets boiled a lot...


Small changes are better than no changes, so we've decided that everything and anything we do can make a huge difference!

  1. This could be cycling to work, choosing public transport over driving or simply using our legs rather than sitting on our bums more often! We're talking about the WONDER OF WALKING🚶.
  2. Although we know that we can't necessarily do this everyday - rain doesn't make cycling fun😐 - we're going to try and walk/cycle/public transport to work at least twice a week. 
  3. Log in to Octopus Energy every morning 🐙 It tells you when your laptop is fully charged so you don't waste energy! 
  4. No buying plastic bags on any Sainsbury's trips! Either take one with us, or use our bare hands✋
  5. Switch to energy saving light bulbs 💡

We'll still be continuing to reduce our WASTE whilst we crack on with cutting down on pollution  - because the environment is for LIFE, not just for B - Corp✔️

What's going well?
  • Everyone in the team is making a conscious decision to travel better to work! Nat and Alexa are walking from Crystal Palace to Brockley together once a week and we all applaud them for it👏
  • We've plastered the walls with charts/signs/pictures - all sorts to remind us to do better! 

Stuff we're working on

  • We're looking into getting energy saving light bulbs for the office💡


  • Well we've only gone and finished another bangin month of saving the planet, 'B - ing' the change and being better humans - ya know, all that sustainable jazz...
  • The majority of the team now take public transport or cycle to work which is awesome. 
  • NO ONE is allowed to leave the office to buy lunch without a bag in hand! We're not about buying more polluting plastic bags because pollution is #notcool.
  • Check out our blog post for month #3 to see what we'll be doing next...

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    More importantly, we want to know about YOU! Tweet or email us at hello@doisyanddam,com to tell us what you're doing to help the earth🌎 All #ecoinspiration is welcome 😀