Issue - WATER

The tragic floods last month in Texas and South Asia gave us that extra kick up the bum to smash our #BtheChange challenge goals tackling POLLUTION, and there's no chance of us slowing down. 

This month we're going to be working to save WATER🌊

Almost every time we use water, we also use a hell of a lot of energy, time and money. Think about those long morning showers or every time you boil the kettle? And these are things we do EVERY DAY. So by saving water, you do the earth a whole load of extra good - which is pretty darn fantastic. 

In fact, we're thinking of our WATER month as the gift that keeps on giving.  

FACT: the average shower lasts 8 - 9 minutes. That's up to £918 per year. Hmmmm...


Our main aim is to reduce our water consumption. 

We're hoping that by reducing the amount of water we use, we'll also use less energy, reduce our bills, overall waste and carbon footprint! 


1. We share an office with a TEA company, which means that the kettle gets boiled a lot..

2. We're constantly chocolate and tea testing (tasting😉) in the office and we have a kitchen we use to cook our lunches, so we use a lot of STUFF aka mugs, plates, cutlery, bowls etc. Basically, we use the dishwasher a lot 🍴☕🍽️.


  1. We've put a sign next to the kettle reminding the office to ask the team before they boil! One kettle full can make 8 cups of tea 
  2. Rather than putting the dishwasher on every day, we're going to try and use it once every two days and hand wash any extra cups and plates that we use. 

As always, we will still be tackling WASTE and POLLUTION - because the environment is for LIFE, not just for B Corp✔️

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