Brooklyn Beers Doisy & Dam chocolate

To celebrate International Beer Day 🍻 (best Friday ever!) we called up our friends over at Brooklyn Brewery. After much deliberation (and a purely educational beer tasting afternoon 😏), we paired up three of their bottles with three of our bomb-diggidy chocs. 

Why chocolate and beer?

Well besides the fact that they are both superdelish, the two pair very nicely because of the rich choc notes, and the beer’s fizzy carbonation. To get our geek on 🤓 the rich, fatty feel of the cocoa butter melts at body temperature and coats the palate, whilst the hit of the carbonation activates the trigeminal nerve (science-speak for the bit that allows you to chomp on choc 🍫), creating a full feel and full flavour experience. Yay!  🎉


Brooklyn Lager + Maca, Vanilla and Cacao Nibs

Brooklyn Lager Doisy & Dam Maca, Vanilla & Cacao Nibs

What do you get when you pair two classic treats? A mouth-watering, lip-smacking sensation, am I right?! The tasty Brooklyn lager has a firm malty centre and aromatic feels which give it that delish moreish taste 👅 The nutty flavour of the maca, the crunch of the cacao nibs and the sweet, sweet vanilla take the bitter edge off our tasty dark choc. Together, you've got two solid flavs that will start your weekend in style!

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace + Lemon, Poppyseed & Baobab

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Doisy & Dam Lemon, Poppyseed & Baobab

For those days when there is no place to be but the beer garden, we highly recommend 👌Brooklyn Sorachi Ace and our white choc. The clean flav of the beer is the perfect fit for the fresh, zingy taste of the lemon choc. The Sorachi Ace is an unfiltered golden farmhouse ale with a bright, spicy taste which brings a whole world of fun 😜 just like the crunchy poppyseeds in our choc. Sunshine in a glass and choc bars full of happiness.

Brooklyn East IPA + Goji and Orange

Brooklyn East IPA Doisy & Dam Goji & Orange

Just like our dark choc, the East IPA is packed with strong flavours to really get your mouth watering *dribble*. Our superdelish goji berries blend into that smooth orange flavour in the same way that the IPA is full of fruity flavs and a firm bitterness. Perfect for any veteran choc lover ✋and beer admirers!


Now, go crack open a bar and a bottle - Friday drinks are starting early this week 🍫🍻👍