Hey Kirsty!

Thanks so much for chatting choc with us!

Kirsty, A.K.A, Fashion For lunch is an awesome lifestyle blogger giving us tips, advice and hacks on all things from fashion to travel. If you're looking to perve on an insta page full of colour hers is the bomb.


Ready for your questions? Let's get to it!


You started your blog 6 years ago thinking it wouldn’t last long, and now you’re here with an incredible blog and an awesome following. What advice would you give to people starting out in the blogosphere?

I would say firstly not to over-think it and put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun, work hard, be nice to people and just enjoy the journey! There's so much to learn and it's a lot of fun, focusing on growth can be a huge error as numbers are not as fun as creativity!  


You are all about colourful living, for all those colour-phobes out there how can someone introduce colour in to their wardrobe without having a mini freak out?

I think it's best to start within your comfort zone, for instance, if feel more confident doing a colourful eyeshadow look or a bright lip, then start there! Accessories are also a great way to introduce colour, maybe a red tassel earring or a pink handbag, then slowly introduce a little more colour when you feel ready! Also, buy the things you love and even if the colour is out of your comfort zone, the fact you love it will make you want to wear it! 


What item would you never go on holiday without?

Ohhhh I think SPF! I'm all about that sun care!!!! I'm part human, part ghost so sun protection is really important to me!  


What’s your must have Summer 2018 accessory (other than Doisy & Dam choc of course)?

Well, obviously chocolate! Speaking of which, I would love it if you guys created D&D ice cream!! And my favourite summer accessory is my adorable puppy, we have had so much fun walking along the beach with him, it's been a joy! He went in the sea for the first time this weekend and it was so much fun watching him splash about! 

 Thanks Kirsty! It's been grand.


With all that reading you must be hungry for choc....


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