Not a vegan? Don't live in London? Then don't even bother read this 😂 ONLY JOKING. 

We got to interview Serena Lee, the founder of VegansofLDN for this weeks Choc Chats. What's Vegans of LDN you ask? Well it's only a one stop shop for all vegan food and lifestyle tips for Londoners. It's an awesome community page where people share everything from vegan hair care, fine dining, clothing and...wait for it...vegan kitchen appliances..(?). Anyway it's well worth checking out, just search the hashtag #vegansofldn on instagram.




What are your tips for ways to go green this summer?

I take cutlery everywhere and my big metal water bottle from 24bottles. You can get wooden cutlery if you want it to be extra lightweight! Also, ask for no plastic straw if ordering drinks out. 


The Vegan diet is having a well deserved resurgence. What’s your advice for people that are nearly there but can’t quite step over the threshhold?

Read How Not To Die by Dr Greger and then watch Earthlings! Read  about  vegan kitchen staples, talk to other vegans, check out the Veganuary website and try a plant-based diet for 30 days to see how you feel in your body. 

And if you're looking for places to eat out, of course check out @vegansofldn on Instagram! 


What’s your got-to Vegan restaurant?

I spend more time in East London, and some of my favourites here are MOTHER in Hackney Wick and Black Cat in Hackney Central. 


What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten that’s made you forget meat even existed?

FED By Water's lasagna has to be up there. I'm going to try the Impossible Burger soon though, which apparently tastes insanely meaty! 


If you were allowed only 3 indulgent treats for the rest of your life what would they be? (We’ve assumed number 1 would be D&D so you don’t need to pick that…)

This is such a hard question!

Cashew-based cheese - the aged stuff is so delicious. My favourites at the moment are Essential Vegan's and Kinda Co's cheeses. 

Roti canai - it's a Malaysian tearable flatbread concoction to dip in curry and can be made vegan without ghee.

Cookies from The Little Vegan Cookie Co. They're these big squishy cookies and they're out of this world! 

Well Serena, it's been a pleasure. Thanks a mil for chatting choc with us!