Hey Billy & Jack!

Thanks so much for chatting choc with us, what a dream.

Wondering who these two handsome fellas are?  Well just think of them as Supper Club Kings, MasterChef UK Finalists, Chefs, London Foodies and Ed & Rich lookalikes (mind blowingly similar). 

Billy & Jack met on Masterchef in 2016, fell in to a bromance over their love of food and now run their own awesome supper clubs and foodie collaborations around London. It's fair to say they are making a bit of a name for themselves on the ruthless London food scene. Check out their next Dinner Club and give them a bit of loving on insta to find out what they're up to.

     Billy & Jack 👇


   Ed & Rich (D&D Founders) 👇

Anyway enough of that...are you ready for your questions?

Here we go!

You’re both fully fledged Londoners…where’s your favourite London rooftop bar to soak up the summer sun?

Madison at One New Change St Pauls is great because you really can’t beat a view of St Pauls. It’s one of the most spectacular buildings in the world so it’s great to be able to enjoy a glass of something cold and soak up the sun and the sights. 

What chocolate dessert would you create for a summer supper club?

We love chocolate desserts; does it get any better?! We also love ice cream and it’s rare that we don’t feature it on a menu, so for us the perfect summer dessert is chocolate ice cream with cracked black pepper, it’s rich, spicy and decadent in equal measure and one of our favourites!


What’ the wildest thing you’ve ever eaten?

We don’t make a habit of eating weird and wonderful things… but saying that we have eaten our fair share of insects, from ant eggs to crickets and they’re delicious (mostly!). We also developed a dish with deep fried chicken feet, hugely popular in Asia and a great beer snack.


It’s BBQ season (our fave), have you got any pro BBQ tips?

We love to BBQ as much as anyone else, but we also make a fair amount of errors, it’s really easy to burn or overcook food so it’s really important that the coals are burning low and you get the heat without the flames. We’re also big fans of going beyond burgers and sausages, try roasting vegetables on the grill and experiment with different cuts and combinations. Oh and also have a drink in hand – it’s a rule!


3 foods you couldn’t live without

 That’s such a tough question! Bread would definitely would be up there, love a sandwich! Probably butter as well, as it’s such a vital ingredient that we use in cooking and baking… and pastry! Lastly, we’re going to say… chocolate. Where would we be without a bit of chocolate eh?

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Thanks so much for chatting to us guys! It's been a pleasure, can't wait to come and try those fried chicken feet!

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