Hey Steph,

Thanks so much for chatting all things choc and #sass with us!

For those who don't know... Steph - AKA Healthy Chef Steph - is a pretty badass dancer, a personal trainer and the creator of the awesome #STAYSASSY workshops which teach women all about getting their sass on and gaining body confidence.

She's not too bad at 'cheffing' it up in the kitchen either!

Right! Intro over, let's get on with the questions! 



You’ve just been to Barcelona (very jealous) got any advice for anyone jetting off there this Summer?

Barcelona was INCREDIBLE! My advice would be to go out and get lost! Turn down every street that takes your fancy and your bound to find something beautiful. If you walk to the marina you can hire a little speed boat for an hour or two and see the incredible city from a different perspective! Also the food scene is INSANE! Check out Brunch and Cake, Flax and Kale and Cecconis. Walk up to The Bunkers and watch the sun set! It is STUNNING!



Why did you start doing #STAYSASSY dance & body confidence workshops? Are there any events coming up this Summer that we people can ‘shimmy’ on down to?

I started stay sassy workshops as a one off event! I wanted to raise money for St Christopher’s Hospice who looked after my nan before she died. I was constantly being asked to host a dance class but I didn’t want anyone to criticise themselves if they couldn’t do the steps. That’s why I decided to add the body confidence and mental health workshop afterwards so that everyone would leave on a high! The first event was so raw and emotional that I realised all of us ladies needed each other. I didn’t want to leave or for the event to end so I swore I would host more! I can’t believe that was a year ago! The next event will be in September woo! 



We know you love a good tune…what would the first song on the soundtrack to your life be?

Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld. IT’S SO SASSY AND EMPOWERING! 


Squeezing a workout in can be daunting for many. If you only had 15 minutes in your day to work out what would you do?

My advice to anyone trying to keep active with little time is walk more! You don’t have to do a crippling HIIT workout every day to keep fit. Get off the tube a stop early and walk to work, escape the office at lunch time and go for a stroll, walk up the escalators on the tube! 


You’re a newbie Vegan…how are you finding it and what’s the best vegan restaurant you’ve found so far?

I am loving being vegan! I feel like I’m getting more adventurous with my food choices and more creative with my cooking. I have a few favourite vegan restaurants but I love Fed by Water in Dalston. UNREAL Italian food! 


If you were a Doisy & Dam flavour which would you be and why?

Goji and orange because it’s fruity, delicious and comes in a pink wrapper. 


Thank Steph! It's been a treat  😘

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