Choc and beer together, does it get better? 🍫😍🍻

For our fourth #ChocWeekTreat, we are doing a delish giveaway with Portobello brewery. This is pretty awesome in itself but we thought we'd go one further and tell you just what chocolate should go with which beer because...well why not eh?

Portobello brewery are legends. They found it boring when people got all snobby about pints in the pub, so made things simple. Combining classic styles, they use the best ingredients and add a splash of W10. They call it 'the west way', and as we know thanks to Ali G, the west way is the best way.

So, without any further ado... the pairings! 🍺+🍫


Tropical Crush (Tropical IPA with Mango & Passionfruit) with Doisy & Dam Goji & Orange Dark Chocolate 🌴

portabello and goji and orange pairing one

The orangey goji super-berry goodness of our bar is a natural fit with this juicy Mango & Passionfruit IPA.  But don't worry - the high dark chocolate content combines well with bitter hops to stop the party in your mouth from getting too wild.


Westway Pale Ale with Doisy & Dam Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt Dark Chocolate🔥

westway beer and maple chocolate

The toasted rice in our dark choc plays really well with the light roasted malts in this Pale Ale. One of the malts in the brew is Caramalt - known for it’s mild, caramel sweetness - so a dash of pink salt makes for a perfect match. 👌


Star (Amber Ale) with Doisy & Dam Date & Himalayan Pink Salt Milk Chocolate 🌟

star ale with date and Himalayan pink salt dark chocolate

Star is a spicy, gently bitter amber ale. Usually you’d pair darker beers with dark chocolates, but in this case a study in contrasts works well. The flavours of date work perfectly with the biscuity backbone of the ale, and the sweetness of the milk chocolate gives body and texture. Mmmmmm. 


London Pilsner (Craft Lager) with Doisy & Dam Anything - Lager goes with everything and all our choc is delicious!

pilsner lager and doisy and dam chocolate variety

Now doesn't that look bloomin' fab? 😘

If you've missed out on the giveaway fear not! You can head over to the Portobello brewery website and our webshop to try these delish combos for yourself 💃

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