Chocolate's place in the health & fitness world 🏋️🍫

By Breanne

When you hear the word chocolate, the last thing that generally springs to mind is health and fitness. Chocolate is something that many of us love to indulge in but it's not something most would consume when on a diet or trying to get fit.

The amazing sweet taste of cocoa however might be more beneficial than what you think. Granted it's not recommended that you eat a huge quantity daily, but knowing your limits, chocolate could actually improve your fitness.

Let's take a look at some of the health benefits of chocolate so that you can have a few more excuses to eat it next time you are tempted! 😋

It is good for circulation and the heart 💖

Many studies have shown that chocolate can contribute towards a healthy heart. A more recent one proved that it helps restore flexibility in the arteries, which reduces the likelihood of clots and other conditions that could be deadly. It has also been proven that blood platelets are less likely to clump together in people that regularly eat chocolate. [1]

It has positive effects on productivity 📚

There is a reason many of us naturally turn to chocolate when we are going through a breakup or a particularly hard time in life. Chocolate makes you happy and also gives you a positive boost of energy.

This is PERFECT if you are trying to improve your fitness and get healthy.

Think about it, you most want to be productive and work out when you are in a good mood and have the energy to do so. A couple of squares of chocolate around an hour before you exercise will help encourage and motivate you to do it. Plus, it will also increase your stamina throughout the workout. [2]

The vitamins and minerals 💊

Dark chocolate in particular has so much goodness that you would struggle to get from other food items. These include zinc, potassium, iron and selenium. This might not mean very much to you but all you need to know is that it's good for your body and keeps everything working the way that it should be. And, for even more extra goodness Doisy and Dam fill their chocolate bars with  ethically sourced organic superfoods

It reduces bad cholesterol 😎

Believe it or not, but not all cholesterol is bad, the good kind can be quite beneficial to your fitness. Those who eat a small amount of chocolate regularly are reducing bad cholesterol from the body and promoting the stimulation of good cholesterol. This will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and other nasty illnesses that could be lurking waiting to attack. [3]

It can be an appetite suppressant 🥑🍓

Placing a small piece of dark chocolate on your tongue and letting it melt before you eat a big meal can trigger the hormones in your brain that tell you that you're full. This can enormously reduce the amount of food that you eat which is obviously going to help you lose weight and hopefully improve your health as a result. Using any appetite suppressants in whatever way you can when dieting is going to push you in the right direction. [4]

It can prevent diabetes 👍

Eating dark chocolate in moderation can reduce the symptoms or even the onset of diabetes. This is because cocoa has been known to improve insulin sensitivity. So if you have diabetes in your family or just want to improve your health, this could be a habit to have. [5]

It's good for the brain 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

A rather amazing fact that chocolate has been known to improve brain conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s[6]. It can also reduce memory loss in general and make you sharper overall. Forget hiring a math tutor, chocolate in moderation can improve your math and overall mental health due to the flavanols found in it.[7]


There you have it, chocolate is better for you than what you ever imagined and this isn't just theory, much scientific research has been done on the matter and proven the case. Dark chocolate is generally better than milk chocolate but if you’re eating it in moderation, any type can be good for your health.

You should track the amount of chocolate that you are eating of course, don't overdo it but really this should be applied to any food group that you are eating a lot of. Next time you are looking to lose weight or improve your fitness, don't stay away from chocolate, embrace it!


BIO: Breanne a blogger, chocolate fanatic, and superfood lover at She is keen on providing readers with nutrition and wellness hints and tips to ensure readers are living their healthiest possible life.