It's summer. It's hot. You've probably noticed that your chocolate is starting to look a bit funky. Well it's not a bad thing - in fact it's bloomin' beautiful!

The weird whiteish looking surface on your bar is called Chocolate Bloom. Firstly, IT HASN'T GONE MOULDY! If you look a bit closer you should be able to see lots of little patterns or cracks which are actually super pretty and make your bar one of a kind!

So what is chocolate bloom? Well there are 2 types...

1. Sugar Bloom - if chocolate is stored somewhere too humid, the sugar on the surface dissolves and crystallises to produce a dusty effect. 

2. Fat Bloom - this one is much more common and is caused when chocolate gets to hot, - e.g. in summer! - and then cools. The cacao butter rises to the surface and makes it looked cracked. 

NOTE: Fat bloom CAN be removed by wiping the surface but sugar bloom CANNOT. 

Ok, so we get that it doesn't look like your average chocolate bar, but it still tastes super delish!

If you're lucky, your choc may even be transformed from a run-of-the-mill bar to an awesome piece of art! So next time you consider chucking your choc because it seems a bit 'off', look a little closer to find the beauty in bloom.