Issue - WASTE 

As a nation, we are wasteful.

The average UK household discards 25% of the food and drink they buy - that mounts up to a mahoosive 7 million tonnes, over half of which is edible! That's like coming home with four shopping bags of food and throwing one straight in the bin. 

Plus, all the food that gets chucked onto landfill sites decomposes and produces a nasty gas called methane, which is 20 times more harmful than CO2. 

But it's not just food waste guys - any rubbish that doesn't get recycled ends up in landfill.

Think about the plastic problem for a sec💭, research estimates that a plastic bottle takes at least 450 years to decompose, but the reality is that we don't really know! It could be around for ever and ever...

So what the hell are we going to do about it?

GOAL 1 - to reduce our food waste.

GOAL 2 - to recycle AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

GOAL 3 - to make environmentally conscious office purchases🌎


1. We have a lot of food in our fridge/office at the end of the week that probs won't get used and then eventually chucked😟

2. The same problem...but with our recycling bin! It's an overflowing cardboard monster!🗑️  There's only 6 recycling bins on our business park and 51 businesses...You do the math🤓 


  1. To get together once a week for a team meal using up the food in the fridge/office e.g.making a giant fruit salad from leftover fruit. Plus it helps to balance out all the chocolate we munch on throughout the week...🍋🍓🍏🍫

  2. See if we can persuade the council to give us an extra collection day or an extra recycling bin. Because recycling is cool peeps♻️

  3. Oh also, cos we 💗recycling so much, we've bought a whole load of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper which is made out of 100% environmentally friendly materials. Check out their site to see the awesome impact they've had on the planet so far...🚽

-- UPDATE 26TH JULY 2017 --

What's going well?

  • The team are all super motivated to smash the campaign and we're all full of awesome ideas on how to help reduce waste!

  • We regularly bring in packed lunches to ensure we don't waste any food and because we love that #tupperwarelife.

  • Our Who Gives a Crap toilet paper not only looks super swag, but is made from 100% recycled materials.

Stuff we're working on...

  • We've spoken to the council about getting an extra recycling bin/extra collection day and they told us to contact the Landlord who is in charge of all things recycling-y at our Business Park. It's a bump in the road guys, but one we're going to drive straight over🚗.

-- UPDATE 31ST JULY 2017 --

  • We've spoken to the site manager of our business park about requesting a new recycling bin or collection day. He needs to speak to the landlord and then - hopefully🤞 - it's GO, GO, GO time! 


Yaaaay! We made it to the end of our first #BtheChange month where we've spent the past 4 weeks focusing on tackling WASTE. And we have to say, we're feeling good about ourselves...

Friday team meals, a LOT of recycling and a mountain of tupperware later and we've managed to save a mahoosive 267kg of CO2. Not only is Friday lunchtime super fun - and a battle between masterchefs to see who's the most creative with all our leftovers🍽️ - but we're so much kinder to the planet because of it.  

We haven't quite managed to sort out a new recycling bin - yet! - but never fear because our waste campaign doesn't stop here! We'll continue to be awesome #eco gurus and nothing can stop us trying to recycle more, waste less and just be pretty darn great human beings 💪

And what have we got coming for month #2 you ask? Stay tuned on twitter, facebook or here to find out our next mission in our B Corporation challenge! 


*If this guy can recycle, then so can we.