When it comes to sourcing cocoa, we only want the best of the best which is why it’s super important that we understand EXACTLY how our supply chain works and where exactly our totally delish cocoa comes from. We also want to make sure that our chocolate is ethically sourced and has a positive impact on the dedicated farmers who depend on growing great crops.

So, for our newest delish creation, Crunchy Almond Butter, we wanted to get even deeper in to the heart of tracing our cocoa, which us why we've decided to use single-origin chocolate.

And who better to team up with than the badass royals of the Colombian chocolate scene, Casa Luker, who not only grow some of the tastiest cocoa beans in the land but also work damn hard to improve the local community.


Why are Casa Luker so darn awesome?

  • Many of their cocoa farms are on recently reclaimed land from drug cartels which is where we’ll be buying our cocoa from.
  • They train more than 800 people every year in cocoa farming – meaning the farmers can quadruple their yield, make more profit and have a better quality of life.
  • Beans are bought through cocoa cooperatives instead of the stock market meaning more money goes back into the communities #TakeOutTheMiddleMan
  • They support educational and social causes in the areas they work in providing vital community regeneration.

What does it mean for us?

  • We can buy our cocoa directly from the source
  • We will hopefully eventually be able to invest in our own plantation in Colombia so that we own our own supply chain.
  • Our direct link to the farmers means we can hopefully have even more of a social impact
  • Colombian chocolate is known for its fruity, nutty flavour which pairs perfectly with our delish crunchy roasted almond pieces.
  • All the above + better tasting choc for you guys = a win win win for everyone!

Fun Fact

Colombian's love a cup of cocoa! Bar of chocolate schmar of chocolate, they are all about having a cup of hot choc every morning to wake them up - can we all go and live in Colombia please? ☕