Why thinner?

In our opinion – and we’re no experts 😉  – our newer, thinner bars are out of this world. They are snappier, they melt in your mouth like a dream and the chocolate is as smooth as a smooth can be. They're lighter on your pockets too 👛  Combine all this with our badass flavour combos and you’ll be as happy as Larry, or John, or perhaps Dave. Talk is cheap though and obviously we have to back it up, so why not check out our *stockists list*, head to a store, pick one up, demolish it, then you'll see! 


Why Flow Wrap?

Because what's inside is just as important...

Wrapping our bars in super sexy flow wrap means that the chocolate you get off the shelf is as fresh and delish as the day it was made 👶 Not only that, but flow wrapping is a lot speedier than hand foiling which means we have more time to spend perfecting our choc and making sure that every bar that passes you lips is just as we intended it to be 🍫

The flow wrap, just like our cartons is recyclable...so please make sure you remember to recycle it!