Stare as much as you like...we know, we're lookin pretty dam fine😎

So why the makeover?

It's good to change things up every once in a while, right? And, as much as WE want to look good, we want YOU to look even better and to wear your D&D with pride. Which is why we've created a super beaut new packaging. 

It's also 100% recyclable and sustainable because - in case you didn't know - we're pretty passionate about looking after our planet. So make sure you recycle our pretty packaging after munching on your delish chocolate bar. 

And why the new size?

Choc should be for everyone, any place, any time so we've made the perfect on-the-go bar that fits in your pocket, your handbag, your pencil case, your mouth...👅

Basically, we think that D&D should be an absolute essential. Afternoon slump? Boring tube journey? A bar of choc will perk you right up! Boring breakfast? Cocoa has been proven to be a great - and delicious😋 - way to kickstart your day! Read more about choc for breakfast here.

Your #dailydose of D&D...

If you struggle to exercise portion control when it comes to the sweet stuff, you'll be pleased to know that you can demolish our dinky lil bars in one go without any of the guilt!

All our 25g bars are 146 calories or less which means snacking just got that little bit sweeter😋  Call it your #dailydose of D&D!