If you've been keeping up with our instagram over the past few days - which you SHOULD be👀 - then you'll know that we've started this awesome series called #chocolateforbreakfast, It's pretty cool. We're giving you recipes for breakfast....that include chocolate....it really is a win win situation.

But today we're telling you WHY eating choc in the morning is actually a healthy option!

The flavanols in cocoa help improve cognitive function by increasing blood flow in the brain and making us feel more alert. So if the thought of chocolate for breakfast isn't reason enough to wake you up in the morning, then eating it is!

It also aids memory, is packed full of antioxidants and high in serotonin, the chemical that makes us feel happy. Obvs, the butter and sugar in a giant slab of chocolate cake counteract the benefits of cocoa, so we recommend sticking to a piece or three of high quality, dark chocolate.

Luckily, we at D&D do a damn good range of dark's, from our Coconut & Lucuma bar to our Maple,Toasted Rice & Pink Salt flavour. Give em a go! 😉

Plus, your metabolism is super speedy in the morning so if you're gonna eat chocolate, you may as well do it first thing. We're just trying to be sensible over here🙋.

So...if you want to feel more alert, improve your memory, boost your mood AND keep the pounds off, then eat chocolate in the morning. It's good for body, soul and mind.

Check out this creamy double chocolate smoothie bowl by @cinnamonandberries for some ultimate breakie #inspo and to get a little bit more creative with our awesome choc!

All 4 recipes are on our recipe page and in this delish E Book. 

If you want to see more drool worthy creations from @cinnamonandberries check out her website.