Posted on July 03, '18

We chat to Georgina Wilson-Powell , editor of Pebble Magazine, about her favourite ethical swimwear brands, where to go this summer for a banging picnic, zero waste shopping and, of course, organic dark chocolate. Check it out.

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Posted on June 14, '18

We went to Colombia to see exactly what it takes to grow the cocoa bean that makes our single origin chocolate so delicious. 

Granja Luker is one of two research facilities in the whole world and, as well as crafting amazing cocoa beans, they educate farmers in Colombia to help them turn their lives around. Check out what we found out...

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The Chocolate Dream

Posted on May 24, '18

The Chocolate Dream is a project set up by Casa Luker and the Luker Foundation in Colombia to allow chocolate producers from around the world to own a part of a plantation on which to grow their own cocoa and to directly support the communities in the surrounding area. We want to one day be part of this dream and went out to Colombia to check out all the mazing work they do...

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Why do we have single-origin choc AND organic choc?

Posted on March 19, '18

Check out the origin of our choccy and find out more about cocoa pods.

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Posted on July 12, '17

Join us here for a chocolate journey!!! 

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Be a chocolate tempering hero

Posted on October 13, '17

Want to know how to make super snappy choc? 

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Indulge like crazy this Chocolate Week

Posted on October 12, '17

If you've ever needed an excuse to eat chocolate then this is your chance - don't waste it! Here's a few of our favourite chocolatey things going on this weekend.

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Why the makeover?

Posted on September 13, '17

Find out why we had a lil makeover! Read on 

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Who are Casa Luker and what do they do?

Posted on August 04, '17

Not only have we made a delish new flavour - check out our Crunchy Almond Butter bar - but we've also gone and made a completely new milk chocolate! And we only have Casa Luker to thank for it...

Read about who Casa Luker are, what they do and why their delicious cocoa beans aren't the only thing that's awesome about them...

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#BtheChange Challenge - Month #3 WATER

Posted on September 05, '17

Goal: to reduce the amount of water we use!

Actions: don't over fill the kettle/ ask the team if they want a cuppa before boiling/ put the dishwasher on every two days

Keep checking in to see how we're doing!


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