Posted on July 25, '17
It's #3 of our #SUPERFOODSPOTLIGHT series and today we're going mental for MACA! And why is it so 'DAM' awesome you ask? Let us count the ways....... Read Full Article


Posted on July 20, '17

For the second entry in our awesome #superfoodspotlight series, we're bouncing about the benefits of BAOBAB! 😀😀😀

It's not just a really fun word to say guys.....

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Posted on July 20, '17

Today we're talking about the lovely Lucuma to kick off the first day of our #spotlightsuperfood series!

Stay tuned throughout the week to hear about why we're bouncing for baobab and mental about maca...

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Posted on July 04, '17

What: WASTE 

Goals: reduce food waste/ recycle/ make environmentally conscious office purchases

Actions: team meal/ more recycling bins/ use Who Gives a Crap toilet paper 

Keep checking in to see how we're doing! 

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Posted on July 10, '17
Did you know that eating chocolate for breakfast is actually #healthy? We know. We think it's pretty cool too😎. Turns out that we can have our choc and eat it too!... Read Full Article

Why all the newness?

Posted on March 09, '17
Our bars have got thinner, are now better value and have shiny new packaging. Find out why...... Read Full Article

Meet the Team: Nat

Posted on November 29, '16

Last, but by not a single means least, here comes Nat 🏃 She’s a lean, mean, wholesale machine and partial to a random factoid or three. She fancies herself as a karaoke queen 🎤 and can devour more choc than you might think is humanly poss 👱‍♀️

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Meet The Team: Ed

Posted on December 12, '16
His name starts with E and ends in D, and there aren't any letters in between... Where would we be without Co-Founder Monsieur Ed 🤓 When he's not drinking coffee and practising his rapping skills, he's marketing, talking choc sales and designing all of our delish packaging 😍 He's the coconut to our lucuma, the eggs to our benedict 🥚... Read Full Article

Meet The Team: Iss

Posted on December 05, '16
Here's the one and only Iss, a wordsmith extraordinaire and producer of all things social. She likes taking photos of leaves, wearing green, and singing in the shower (who doesn't?!) 🎤 Find out more about our digital chocolatier 🍫... Read Full Article