Guest Recipe: Chocolate & Chilli Protein Mug Cake

Posted on March 31, '15
A few weeks ago, Beki Vallance tweeted the most delicious looking cake using ours truly! It looked so good that we just had to get her to write her recipe down to share it with the rest of you, so here it is:... Read Full Article

Exploring Free-From London

Posted on March 27, '15
We're getting a bit bored of trying to come up with new meals to suit our free-from diets so this week we thought it would be a great chance to explore and get someone else to do all the hard work! Here's what we discovered...... Read Full Article

A Week in the Life of a Free-From Foodie

Posted on March 12, '15

Each of us have been keeping a little food diary of all the main things we've been munching on over the past week. You can see a typical week for us depending on our diets and how they vary. We'd greatly appreciate any free-from meal inspiration to keep us ticking over until the 5th of April so we don't get bored of the same old meals!

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Eating Well at BBC Eat Well

Posted on March 04, '15
We’re fully into the swing of Lent now and it’s been a great week to discover what’s out there in the world of free-froms. We’ve had a super busy weekend supplying all the hungry visitors at the BBC Eat Well Show in Olympia with superdelicious chocolate. It was cool to meet some of our no.1 fans and it made us feel all warm inside to hear some amazing feedback! We want to give a special shout out to the selfie winner who came to claim her prize after winning 6 months ago just to try out the new flavour! ... Read Full Article

Week 1: Cold Turkey

Posted on February 25, '15
Or in Ed's case, cold tofu. Doisy & Dam HQ has been a little bit less upbeat than usual as we've been acclimatising to our free-from diets this week. Here's a little snippet of how we've got on, the highs and lows, and some free-from concoctions that we have created.... Read Full Article

Doisy & Dam Does Lent

Posted on February 19, '15

Until this point none of Team D&D have ever given up anything for Lent. We challenged each other to shake things up and go gluten-free, sugar-free🍬or vegan for 40 days. Read on to find out who will have to be sweet enough without sugar, and who has to ditch the dairy 🧀 (cheesey puns still allowed!) We'll give anything a go once...

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