This Chocolate Orange Rudolph Cake is more than worthy of the centre piece accolade of every Christmas table. With 6 delicious layers of chocolate cake, buttercream icing, a rice crispy treat red nose and chocolate antlers how can you out do this!

We teamed up with the fab @borrowerbakes for this marvellous creation. Here's what you need to know about her.

I am a 21 year old actress from Surrey. Just like a Borrower, I am small, blonde but have a BIG love for baking. Growing up in our house, the cake tin was never empty and everything was made from scratch! Most of my spare time is spent in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes for family and friends to enjoy as well as making bespoke cakes and creations. There is always someone waiting around to lick the bowl and if you invite me to the party pudding is my plus one. Never turn up empty handed!

On with the recipe! We'd love to hear how you get on making it.. let us know @doisyanddam

Christmas chocolate cake 


Red Nose:

  • Rice Crispy treat (Ping pong ball sized amount)

  • Red fondant 

  • Edible red glitter

  • Edible glue

  • 1 Wooden Skewer



  • x1 80g bar D&D Maple Toasted Rice & Pink Salt Chocolate 

  • x2 wooden skewers

  • Antlers template and parchment paper


Chocolate Orange Sponge:

  • 510g Butter

  • 510g Dark soft brown sugar

  • x9 Large eggs

  • Zest of 5 large oranges 

  • 510g Self raising flour

  • 42g/ 9 tbs Cocoa powder

  • 1tsp Salt

  • 1tsp Baking powder

  • x3 tbs Whole Milk 


Chocolate Orange Buttercream:

  • x4 80g bars D&D Goji and Orange Chocolate 

  • 600g Soft unsalted butter

  • 1080g Sifted icing sugar

  • x8 tbs Whole Milk 





First things first, this particular reindeer wouldn't be as famous as he is today without his renowned ruby red nose. To make Rudolph's schnozzle take a ping pong sized amount of rice crispy treat, roll it in your hands to form a ball shape. 

Roll out a circle of red fondant icing and use to cover the rice crispy ball smoothing out the creases as you go. 

Insert a wooden skewer through the bottom of the ball, pushing it in halfway so it doesn't poke out the other side. 

Holding the nose by the skewer use a paint brush to cover the fondant ball in a layer of edible glue and sprinkle with sparkly red edible glitter. 

Leave to set.



To make the chocolate orange sponge preheat the oven to 170̊ c

Grease and line six 8” round cake tins and set aside. 

Please note if you do not have six 8” cake tins to hand the recipe can be made using two tins. Just divide the ingredients quantities by three and repeat the process three times making two sponges at a time. It is also not essential that the cake has six layers in total, you can divide the recipe by three and choose to repeat it only two times making a total of four layers instead. This recipe is super flexible it just depends on how big or greedy your party of guzzlers are! 


Right lets get baking! 

In a free standing electric mixer (my preferred weapon of choice however some good old-fashioned elbow grease and wooden spoon will work just as well) beat the soft dark brown sugar and butter until fluffy and paler in colour. 

Meanwhile, in a separate bowl sift together the dry ingredients: self raising flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder. 

In a jug whisk together the eggs and orange zest. Slowly pour into the beaten sugar and butter, mix to combine. If the mixture begins to split don't panic, just add a tablespoon or two of the dry ingredients to help bring everything back together. 

Next, add the dry ingredients into the wet in two stages mixing briefly in between. Make sure to scrape down the sides of your bowl using a spatula to ensure all the ingredients are properly incorporated. 

Slowly pour the 3 tablespoons of milk into the mixer and give everything one last beat together. 

chocolate orange cake

Divide the cake batter evenly between the six prepared cake tins and level the tops using a small pallet knife or spatula.

Bake in the preheated oven for 22-25minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. 



Whilst the cakes are baking away, its time to make our Doisy and Dam antlers. 

Templates can be found easily online or drawn by hand giving them their own individual flare. Place your chosen template onto a baking tray and secure a sheet of greaseproof paper on top. 

how to make chocolate antlers

In a bowl melt the bar of D&D Maple Toasted Rice & Pink salt and pour into a piping bag. 

Snip off the end of the bag and carefully follow the outline of your template. Use the remaining chocolate to fill the centre of the antlers guiding it into the corners with a small spoon. Take your two wooden skewers and place one on each antler making sure the top of the skewer sits halfway down the antler and 3-4inches pokes out the bottom. 

Place in the freezer to set.

how to make chocolate antlers


Once the cakes are out of the oven transfer to wire racks and leave to cool. 



For the D&D Chocolate Orange Buttercream break four 80g bars of Goji and Orange chocolate into a heatproof bowl and melt over a pan of shallow boiling water. Once melted set aside to cool. 

Meanwhile, beat the softened unsalted butter in a freestanding electric mixer for around 4-5 minutes until super pale in colour. 

Add the sifted icing sugar in stages mixing thoroughly between each and scraping down the sides of the bowl with a spatula to make sure everything is mixed together well. 

Once all the icing sugar has been incorporated pour the melted Goji and Orange chocolate into the bowl and beat for a further couple minutes. 

Finally, add the milk slowly giving the buttercream one last whip until its super light, fluffy and good enough to eat! 



Time to piece our handsome reindeer together. 

Using a cake leveller or serrated knife, cut the domed tops off your six sponges to create a flat surface for stacking (always save the offcuts they are the best bits!). Spread a small amount of buttercream onto your cake board or plate and place the first cake layer on top, pressing down lightly to secure. 

Spread an even amount of choc orange buttercream between the layers of sponge stacking them on top each other until you reach the final layer. Keep around 6 tablespoons of buttercream aside for later.

Cover the entire cake with buttercream making it as smooth a finish as you can muster and place into the fridge to set.  

Put the remaining buttercream into a piping bag with a star nozzle in the end. Gather all your reindeer decorations and features. 

Take your cake out of the fridge and using your piping bag pipe a large round rose like shape in the centre on the front of your reindeer. Repeat this motion again in different shapes and sizes on the top of the cake to create his mane. Be creative, there is no “right” way to do this! 

I chose to decorate my reindeer with some black fondant eyelashes and fondant ears.

Carefully take your set antlers out the freezer, peel off the greaseproof and position on top of the cake.

Finally take your dazzling red nose and push the wooden skewer into the centre front of your cake below the mane and eyelashes.

 rudolph chocolate cake

Ta da… a gorgeous Rudolf that is almost to dashing to eat but a perfect pudding to add to the table this Christmas. Be inventive, every reindeer will be different and that’s half the fun! 

Merry Christmas from The Borrower!