In a royal twist, this week the GBBO baker's tried their hand at Tudor cuisine. The D&D team all sat in a circle and put their collective thinking crown on to create this edition of #D&DdoesGBBO and we proudly present to you: Marzipan Superfood Bites.

 Vegan Superfood Bites

You will need:

300g finely ground almonds

218g pitted medjool dates

A big squidge of maple syrup

A fair few drops of vanilla essence

A big bar of Doisy & Dam dark choc - we reckon maca, vanilla & cacao nibs would have been Mr Tudor himself, Henry Viii's favourite 😜


How to make it:

Take your ground almonds and pour them oh so, carefully into a food processor. Add your pitted dates (you can chop these before if you wish).

Squeeze a healthy glug of maple syrup into the mix.

Add a teaspoon of vanilla essence before blending up the mix.

You should now have a large sticky ball of almondy goodness!

Break off into mouth size pieces (no portion control here!) and place on a large tray.

Melt your choc and drizzle (or dollop) over the marzipan ball. Top with as many superfoods as you see fit. Make them looks delicious!