This weeks recipe is from the lovely Jess who writes one helluva blog called Forage in the Pantry. She did something magical with our Date & Himalayan pink Salt bar and we thought we should share it with ya'll. 


So here's her recipe for Date & Himalayan pink Salt Truffles

These are delish as is but if you want to add a twist then try adding an extra ingredient/texture to the mixture before pouring into the container (e.g. chopped nuts, diced ginger, more cocoa nibs, more salt, coconut…). Equally you can roll the finished truffles in this ingredients of choice instead and forgo the cocoa powder.


2 x 80g bars D&DDate & Himalayan Salt’ bars (or a flavour of choice)

100g plain dark chocolate

300ml double cream

Cocoa powder for dusting



1. Heat the cream in a saucepan until just below the simmer.

2. Break up the chocolate and stir into the warm cream off the heat. Stir until fully melted and combined.

3. Line a shallow bowl or tupperware with cling film. Pour the mixture into the dish. It should be about 2cm in thickness but this is optional. Allow to cool, cover and refrigerate.

4. Once set, place in the freezer for about 1 hour or until hardened. This just makes it easier to cut.

5. Get a large mixing bowl and add a few tbsp of cocoa powder

6. Turn out onto a chopping board and cut into pieces (size optional). Mix in the cocoa powder and then store in the fridge in a container.