Aaaaaand it's Day 3 of our epic #chocolateforbreakfast series so we're turning it up a notch with this protein packed VANILLA PUDDING WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE😁

Forget forcing down a protein shake post workout and get creative instead with this deliciously creamy dessert, nay, PUDDING! It's full of carbs, protein and healthy fats to replenish your energy stores after an intense workout, and is completely vegan!




For pudding

100g of millet (cooked)

1 tablespoon of cashew butter

3 tablespoons of vegan vanilla protein powder

1 ripe banana

1 cup of almond milk

For sauce

1/4 Doisy & Dam dark chocolate bar 1 teaspoon of coconut oil


1. Put all ingredients into a high speed blender and mix until smooth. Put your pudding into a bowl.

2. Then make sauce. Put chocolate and coconut oil into a small bowl. Melt in a microwave oven. Drizzle your mixture over the pudding. You can also add some berries or other fruits.