#D&DDoesBakeOff Week 7: Dessert

Posted on October 05, '16

Maple Choc Mousse

By: Sally Ratcliffe

Makes: 4 helpings of moussey deliciousness

Takes: 15 mins + 30 mins to chill (out) 😂

Perfect for: Bake Off chocolatey indulgence. oh yeeeeah! 🍰

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#D&DdoesBakeOff: Week 6 - Botanical

Posted on September 28, '16

Lemon, Poppyseed & Lavender Loaf

By: Isabelle Wilkinson

Makes: 1 deliciously lemony loaf 🍋

Takes: 15 mins to prep + 1 hour to bake

Perfect with: a steaming cup of herbal tea on an autumnal afternoon 🍁

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#D&DdoesBakeOff: Week Five - Pastry

Posted on September 21, '16

Vegan Cinnamon & Maple Choc Whirl

By: Lis Cooper

Makes: 9 whirltastic, dribble-worthy pastries

Takes: 15 mins to prep + 1 hour to rest + 20 mins to bake

Perfect for: an indulgent breakfast with a cafetiere full of the good stuff and no disturbances for at least an hour 😜

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#D&DDOESBAKEOFF: Week Four - Batter

Posted on September 13, '16

Gluten-Free Churros with D&D Dark Choc Sauce

By: Lucy Weston

Makes: More churros than you can handle!!

Takes: 30 mins

Perfect for: Scoffing whilst watching Mary Berry and Mr Hollywood obv 😜

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#D&DDOESBAKEOFF: Week Three - Bread

Posted on September 07, '16

Bread Week Bake Off Babka

by: Anna Frost

Makes: 1 Babka

Takes: Leave to rest overnight + baking time

Perfect for: sharing and tearing with friends 🍞

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Posted on August 25, '16

Maple, Toasted Rice and Pink Salt Biscuits

by: Goodness Guru

Makes: 10 biscuits

Takes: 10 mins + 15 mins baking

Perfect for: enjoying mapley deliciousness 👅

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#D&DDOESBAKEOFF: Week One - Cake

Posted on August 23, '16
Week 1- Cake Week: The lovely Lauren of the Wholesome Hunter has created this insane Orange and Goji Chocolate Chip Cake using our delicious choc. Those jaffa cakes had our orange taste buds tingling and we know that this moist, zesty, sweet yet chocolatey bundle of goodness would have Mary and Paul cooing 🍊... Read Full Recipe

Goji & Orange Choc-ocado Tart

Posted on August 05, '16
This recipe comes from foodie Queen and all-round hero, Alicia Cooper.
Alicia is UK Brand Manager at Drink Maple who believes that the meaning of life is brunch (we agree!). She's a super runner bean, who lives in lycra. 💪... Read Full Recipe

D&D Strawbs & Cream 🍓

Posted on July 14, '16
Summer would not be complete without a fridge full of tasty refreshing snacks, and what is more British than strawberries and cream.🍓

In true D&D style, we’ve put a unique twist on a classic, which we ever so kindly want to share with you (you can thank us later!) 😉

So here it is for your taste pleasure 😛 – Superfood Strawbs & Cream.
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Sophia’s pre-workout snack Date, Oat & Choc bars

Posted on June 28, '16

Pre-workout Date, Oat and Choc bars

by Sophia Parvizi-Wayne

Makes: 10 bars

Takes: 10 mins + 15 mins baking

Perfect for: Getting some pre-workout energy

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