Hot Choc

Posted on November 30, '16

Makes: 1 insanely delicious mug of hot chocolate

Takes: 5 mins

Perfect for: Warming your cockles 😜

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Posted on November 23, '16

Makes: A large tub of delciousness

Takes: 20 mins

Perfect for: Slathering on anything and everything

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Nut Butter Cups

Posted on November 17, '16

Makes: 24

Takes: A solid half a day, with tempering and refrigerating time, but you can chill with a cappuccino and a bar of D&D in between spurts

Perfect for: Snacking, accompanying tea drinking, eating all the time


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#D&DDoesBakeOff Week 10: FINALE

Posted on October 26, '16

Banana-nanana Choc Cake

By: Hayley Deaner

Makes: Cake for you, the neighbours, your Grandma June... 👵

Takes: 50 mins baking + 10 mins icing

Perfect for: Feeding yo banana-y, chocolatey tastebuds whilst mourning the end of The Great British Bake Off 🍰

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#D&DDoesBakeOff Week 9: Patisserie

Posted on October 17, '16

PB, Date & Himalayan Pink Salt Tart

By: Alice Dalrymple

Makes: A giant lip-smackingly delish tart 💋

Takes: 1 hour chilling + 20 mins baking + 15 mins choccin'

Perfect for: sharing with yo bff whilst watching Mary Berry do her thang 💁

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#D&DDoesBakeOff Week 8: Tudors 👑

Posted on October 12, '16

Marzipan Superfood Bites

By: Team D&D!!!

Makes: a dozen bites of deliciousness 🍬

Takes: 15 mins to make yo marzipan + 1 hour to cool the choc 

Perfect for: an after-dinner sweet bonne bouche 👅

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#D&DDoesBakeOff Week 7: Dessert

Posted on October 05, '16

Maple Choc Mousse

By: Sally Ratcliffe

Makes: 4 helpings of moussey deliciousness

Takes: 15 mins + 30 mins to chill (out) 😂

Perfect for: Bake Off chocolatey indulgence. oh yeeeeah! 🍰

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#D&DdoesBakeOff: Week 6 - Botanical

Posted on September 28, '16

Lemon, Poppyseed & Lavender Loaf

By: Isabelle Wilkinson

Makes: 1 deliciously lemony loaf 🍋

Takes: 15 mins to prep + 1 hour to bake

Perfect with: a steaming cup of herbal tea on an autumnal afternoon 🍁

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#D&DdoesBakeOff: Week Five - Pastry

Posted on September 21, '16

Vegan Cinnamon & Maple Choc Whirl

By: Lis Cooper

Makes: 9 whirltastic, dribble-worthy pastries

Takes: 15 mins to prep + 1 hour to rest + 20 mins to bake

Perfect for: an indulgent breakfast with a cafetiere full of the good stuff and no disturbances for at least an hour 😜

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#D&DDOESBAKEOFF: Week Four - Batter

Posted on September 13, '16

Gluten-Free Churros with D&D Dark Choc Sauce

By: Lucy Weston

Makes: More churros than you can handle!!

Takes: 30 mins

Perfect for: Scoffing whilst watching Mary Berry and Mr Hollywood obv 😜

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