(Flabbergastingly Awesome Questions)

Who are these Doisy & Dam chaps (and what have they got to do with delicious chocolate)? 

Doisy and Dam are two badass scientists that won a Nobel prize in 1943 for discovering Vitamin K and did a whole lot of research into health and nutrition. Because we focus on nutrition as well as taste and quality we thought it was fitting. Plus Ed & Rich doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

Is your choc raw and sugar-free?

We believe that chocolate is at its most delicious when it’s shiny and snappy. In order to get it like this, our little beans have been exposed to temperatures above 48C, so it doesn’t fit into the raw criteria. the temperature also kills off all the beasties to stop you getting ill.

We make traditional chocolate using only the necessary ingredients to create the right taste and texture, owing to this our chocolate contains organic cane sugar. It is partially refined to get rid of all the things that shouldn’t be there but no further than that.

Are you Fairtrade?

Whilst we ensure all our products are responsibly sourced, we are not certified Fair Trade.

All the cocoa we use in our products is recognised on the Puratos Charter. This means that we are held to high legal, ethical, food safety, sustainable and environmental standards and quite rightly so! You can find more out about the Puratos Charter here.

They are also pretty awesome as they are committed to furthering research in innovation and discoveries in health within the food industry.

Is your packaging recyclable?

It sure is :) We are pleased to say that all of our packaging is recyclable. The cartons are FSC certified and you can put them in your paper recycling bin. The plastic wrapper can be put with your plastic cartons and containers....

What the hell is cacao percentage and why do I care? 

The cacao percentage on our bars refers simply to what percentage of our choc is derived from the cocoa bean.

More simply you can be sure that the lower the percentage, the lighter and sweeter it’ll be - milk or white chocolate, the higher the percentage the darker, richer and more bitter it’ll be - like most dark chocs!

Where can I get hold of D&D choc? 

We are stocked in over 750 independent cafes, coffee shops and delis across the UK so keep your eyes peeled for us! Take a look here for some of our stockists. If you’re still not sure or think there is somewhere we should be, drop us an email and we can find your closest D&D stockist.

Alternatively you can buy as much as you like on our webshop!

On the rare occasion I don’t eat all of my choc immediately, how should I store [it] my lil bar of deliciousness? ❄️️

If by some miracle you have a little bit of choc left over, keep your bar in a cool, dry environment. Avoid keeping it in warm places or else you’ll end up with a puddle of choc/ a bloomed bar. Places to avoid; a windowsill, the microwave, the sun.

Why does it say may contain traces of nuts/milk/soya when you claim it is ____ free?

We put this on our packets because we’re scaredy cats. None of our ingredients go near soya or nuts, however we do produce the chocolate in an environment that processes soya and nuts. Just as our vegan bars are made in the same environment as our non-vegan bars.

We take all the necessary precautions and more to prevent contamination and make sure everything has an overly thorough scrubbing in-between production runs.

How many bars would I need to fill a bathtub? 

Trick question! The real question here is…how long can I bathe in chocolate until it solidifies ;)