Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate Chocoholics Anonymous Bundle One of everything we make!

£25.00 1 of everything

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Like chocolate? Then you'll love this! A whole load of products made from ethically sourced dark chocolate all totally free from palm oil, made from natural ingredients and all Vegan Society certified. 

This is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover. Or if you're just looking to stock up that store cupboard, then we'd say this is pretty essential.

This bundle contains one of everything we make, so that's 3 x share bags, 3 x snack packs, 2 x  nuttercups, 5 x 25g bars, 5 x 80g bars. YUM. 

Great to share, even better to nibble yourself!

What's inside

4 x big bars

4 x diddies

4 x share bags

3 x snack packs

2 x nuttercups