Doisy & Dam x TRIBE Active Oats Breakfast Bundle


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Last year, our collaboration bar with TRIBE (our favourite plant-based protein and energy food brand) broke records.

So, this time we're back - and bringing you the ultimate breakfast bundle!

In this pack you get all four of our share bags - so our  Ballers - crunchy, malty deliciousness Buttons - giant dark chocolate buttons of joy. D&Ds - dark chocolate drops covered in a cheeky crunchy coating. Peanut D&Ds - our epic, dark chocolate covered peanuts, finished with a sweet sugar shell.

Then, 1 big pack (10 breakfasts) of TRIBE's brand new Active Oats+, featuring D&D drops. Think nutty, crunchy and high in protein. Aka your answer to a dreamy, filling and nutritious breakfast. Perfect on its own or to add fruit and yoghurt toppings to.

TRIBE Active Oats+ is a natural plant-based breakfast to kickstart your day; it's an instant Overnight Oats (just add cold mylk). The new Limited Edition Doisy & Dam Choc Peanut Active Oats+ is also fortified with added+ benefits to support healthy, active lifestyles:

+ 1 Billion Gut-Friendly Cultures.
+ 10g Plant Protein.
+ 10 Vitamins and Minerals.
+ Vegan + Gluten Free.

You'll get a 480g bag of TRIBE chocolate Active Oats+, and 4 x share bags.

palm oil free

natural ingredients

vegan recipe

ethically sourced cocoa

B corp certified

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