Donate Chocolate to our NHS


Donate whatever you can and we will use it to send out large Thank You packages of chocolate to the amazing NHS workforce. HOW TO DONATE? Just add as many £5 donations as you want to your cart. E.g. if you add 2 you will be donating £10.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? We will be in touch with the most stretched hospitals across the country who are happy to receive some chocolate. Once a week we'll pool all your donations together and send out as many packs as we can.

There is no profit to be made from this. 100% of the money you donate will go on chocolate (at cost price) and the cost of sending it out. That's it.

We can't get over how amazing every single person that works in the NHS is, from doctors, to nurses, to carers, to cleaners. Just WOW. We literally owe them our lives and now, more than ever we, as a nation, are truly understanding just how vital they all are.