Doisy & Dam Goji & Orange Diddies Bars Box of 30 x 25g 30 bars of delicious chocolate

£28.00 30 x 25g bars

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You get a whole box of Colombian dark chocolate, chewy goji berries & zesty orange. That's 30 mini bars of deliciousness just for you!

This is an orange chocolate lovers dream. Single-origin dark chocolate that's ethically sourced from Colombia, doesn't contain any palm oil and is made form only natural ingredients. 

  • Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, goji berries (8%), orange extract  

    Cocoa solids 70% minimum

    May contain traces of milk, soya, gluten and nuts

  • Per 100g/Per bar

    Energy 2363kJ (565kcal)/ 590.75kJ (141.25) Fat 40g/10g, of which saturates 24g/6g Carbohydrates 45g/11.25g, of which sugars 31g/7.75g, Fibre 10g/2.25g, Protein 7.5g/1.88g, Salt 0.06g/0.015g