The SNAPS Pack


Our newest edition to the family, SNAPS are thin, crunchy shards of choc perfect for snacking, sharing and, if you must, they make a good gift. Both flavours are vegan, gluten-free and made from single-origin Colombian chocolate.

Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt single-origin 100g

These crispy, caramel ‘snaps’ feature the smoothest single-origin, dark chocolate with a cheeky drizzle of pure Canadian maple syrup, a sprinkling of Himalayan pink salt and a final scattering of crunchy, toasted rice.

Coconut & Lucuma single-origin 100g

This flavour features Doisy & Dam’s 70% cocoa, Colombian chocolate with the health-boosting attributes of coconut and lucuma.  The sweet, crunchy coconut and naturally caramel-flavoured lucuma creates a rich and exotic taste sensation