Easter Caramel Crispy Cakes



125g light brown sugar

125g vegan butter

0.5 tsp salt

200g vegan milk chocolate

150g vegan white chocolate

175g rice krispies

1 can vegan condensed milk

5 tsp cornflour

1 bag of Doisy & Dam Good Eggs


Crispy. Crunchy. Absolutely delightful. At least that's what the reviews have been saying.

The epic Kat (@kats_munchies) shared with us her recipe for her vegan caramel crisp slices, and it's safe to say we haven't been thinking about anything else since. 

Makes 9 (which will not last long) and take 15 mins plus setting and cooling time.


1. To make the caramel: heat in a saucepan the condensed milk. Once warm, add the butter and sugar and stir continuously for 4 minutes.
2. Then add the corn flour. Keep stirring on a high heat until it thickens - this can take up to 5-10 mins.
3. Once you have the caramel, gently fold in the rice krispies, ensure they are all fully covered and then flatten in a lined baking tray.
4. Place in the fridge for 4 hours, until set.
5. Once set, coat the top with a layer of melted milk chocolate. Then using a knife add the white chocolate in whatever pattern you want and  top with mini eggs. To let the eggs stick better dip one side in white chocolate before placing them down.
6. Then again place in the fridge to set.
7. Once completely set, with a warmed knife (run it under a hot tap) cut in to your desired size.
8. Enjoy!