Strawberry and Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt Bites

Posted on June 26, '17

Makes: 8 summery bites

Takes: 10 mins + refrigerator time

Perfect for: Healthy snacking/ summer snacking/ chocolate snacking/ snacking....

Made by: Gabriella Anouk or @guilt_free_gabs

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Posted on June 20, '17

Makes: 16 scrummy bars/fingers/bites

Takes: 30 mins + refrigerator time 

Perfect for: Someone a lil bit nutty/ if you're hungry/ sunshine and hot weather/ a healthier sweet treat 

Made by: Leonie Bleasdale or @lettucenorth 

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Chocolate, Coconut & Lucuma Sundae

Posted on June 14, '17

Makes: Chocolate Nice-Cream Sundaes...enough said.

Takes : 15 minutes

Perfect for: Breakfast (YUM) any time you like when the sun's out, or in

Made by: @thebigwideworldandme

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😍 Chocolate Chia Mousse😍

Posted on June 07, '17

Makes: two servings or one enormous choc fest serving

Takes: 15 minutes + 30 minutes refrigerator time   

Perfect for: Eating

Made by: Owner of the My Life Is For Living blog AKA Hannah banana

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Posted on May 31, '17

Makes: 8 balls

Takes: 20 mins + half an hour fridge time

Perfect for: That protein kick after/before the gym

Made by: Protein Pow

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NEXT LEVEL SNACKING ROUND 2: 🍌 Banana choc chip ice-cream

Posted on May 24, '17

Makes: A few good bowls worth of ice-cream

Takes: 10 mins

Perfect for: Hot summer days lazing in the garden

Made by: Masterchef quarter finalist (2016) Hope Pointing @hopepointingatfood

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Date & Himalayan Pink Salt Truffles

Posted on May 17, '17

Makes: 15 truffles depending on size

Takes: 45 mins + 1 hour freezing time

Perfect For: Wowing dinner party guests, foodie presents, and, as always, scoffing on your own.

Made By: Jess Wardlaw AKA Pantry_Jess AKA Forage in the Pantry

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NEXT LEVEL SNACKING ROUND 1. Wholesome Rocky Road 😀 Yes it exists!

Posted on May 10, '17

Makes: 16 perfect bite size chunks 

Takes: 15 minutes + 1 hour refrigerator time 

Perfect for: Afternoon snacking/ Demolishing in one sitting

Made by: Masterchef quarter finalist (2016) Hope Pointing @hopepointingatfood

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Chocolate Topped Tumeric Banana Bread

Posted on May 04, '17

 Makes: A delish golden, banana-y loaf

Takes 15 mins prep + 40 mins cooking

Perfect for: Breakfast, elevenses, pudding, snacking

Made by: Wellness Warrior Hannah Webb AKA @MyLifeIsForliving

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Maple Choc and Cherry Oatmeal Cookies 😍

Posted on April 26, '17

Makes: 9 crunchy, chewy cookies

Takes: 20 mins

Perfect for: that afternoon slump with a cuppa

Made by: The awesome Wholesome Hunter

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