Beki Vallance's Delish Dark Chocolate & Protein Truffles

Posted on June 26, '15
Our fave health blogger, Beki Vallance, has been experimenting in her kitchen using the most delicious chocolate in the world ;) and has invented the most incredible looking truffles EVER. They're not your usual cream-heavy unhealthy little bites but instead packed full of protein so you can munch away to your hearts content. Here's how to do it from the master herself...... Read Full Article

Superdelicious Summer Internship

Posted on June 08, '15
Scanning endless job sites for an inspirational new career path?? Know your Goji berry from your Chia seed? Can you pronounce Quinoa properly? You’re halfway there my friend…... Read Full Article

Who's Doisy & Who's Dam?!

Posted on June 02, '15
We thought we would put you all out of your misery and let you into a little secret of ours...... Read Full Article

Guest Recipe: Delicious Alchemy's Mississippi Mud Pie

Posted on May 26, '15
Two weeks ago we got to experience the best of Coeliac Awareness Week, munching away on all of our favourite gluten-free goodies! One of our pals, Delicious Alchemy, ended the week with a bang by creating this incredible Mississippi Mud Pie using a healthy chunk of our gluten-free Goji & Orange bar. It just looked too good that we had to share the recipe with you all. Grab a spoon and get indulging!... Read Full Article

Recipe: Doisy & Dam Cake ft. Beetroot

Posted on May 13, '15
Everyone loves good slice of cake and what could be better than one made using yours truly?! Beetroot, a superfood superstar, adds a touch of je ne sais quoi to this cake. It’s also packed full of iron and helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol as well as being a cheeky little aphrodisiac ;)... Read Full Article

Farm Shop & Deli Show

Posted on May 06, '15
We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front recently but it’s been a hard week recovering from the Farm Shop & Deli Show. We stocked up our van with all things chocolate and headed up to join lots of delicious other exhibitors in the NEC in Birmingham.... Read Full Article

Recipe: Doisy & Dam Macaroons

Posted on April 16, '15

Macaroons/macarons, or however you want to say it, are those delicious little delights that grace patisseries around the country. Sinking your teeth into the delicately crispy shells through to an indulgently creamy filling is like taking a little bite of heaven. A while back you may have seen that Anna made Doisy & Dam themed ones, so we thought we would give you the recipe so that you can recreate them at home. They are quite challenging but very satisfying when you get it right! You’ve just got to be very accurate with all your measuring…

... Read Full Article

40 Days & 40 Nights Later...

Posted on April 10, '15

Yay Lent is over! Life finally returned back to normal this weekend with an extreme overconsumption of sugary, gluteny, & meaty deliciousness. It’s been a long 6 weeks and I think we’re all glad it’s over. Now we’ve had time to reflect we thought it would be nice to share it with you all.

... Read Full Article

Be a Brand Superstar

Posted on March 09, '15

We are looking for confident and enthusiastic people to help promote the Doisy & Dam brand.

This will be a part-time job requiring a commitment of at least 3 hours each weekend. We want you to help us sell lots of choc in all our stockists around London so you’ll need to be friendly and approachable. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with an up-and-coming brand and get a taster in to the world of sales. Not only that but we will reward your hard work with some free choc!

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Guest Recipe: Chocolate & Chilli Protein Mug Cake

Posted on March 31, '15
A few weeks ago, Beki Vallance tweeted the most delicious looking cake using ours truly! It looked so good that we just had to get her to write her recipe down to share it with the rest of you, so here it is:... Read Full Article