Meet The Team: Anna

Posted on November 28, '16

Presenting: the legend that is, Anna Frost ❄️ She's a modern-day Willy Wonka, and what she doesn't know about Doisy, well quite frankly doesn't exist because she knows everydangthang 🤓  She spends her days making sure that all is well in the chocolate factory, creating superdelicious and nutritious recipes, and looking after our coins (not just the chocolate kind) 💰

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Meet The Team: Alexa

Posted on November 21, '16
Introducing: The Teller Of Chocolate Tales 🍫 A wild Alexa can be found in the D&D office habitat making chocolatey puns, eating chocolate and dressing up as a giant chocolate bar (ok, that one hasn't happened...yet). She's our Marketing Manager but really we like her best for her taste in music (Justin Bieber ee'ryday)... 🎤... Read Full Article

We're popping up at Old Street

Posted on November 17, '16
Don't get too excited but your commute is about to get a whole lot better. For the next 3 weeks, we'll be calling Old Street station home 🏠

We've got chocolate, tunes and little summin special in store each week 😉
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Meet The Team: Rach

Posted on November 14, '16
Introducing: The Chocolate Crusader 🍫 If in doubt, Rach can be found wandering the streets with a choc bar in each hand securing sales and stockists like nobody's business 👊... Read Full Article

Meet The Team: Rich

Posted on November 07, '16
Meet Rich. Chief Chocolater Stirrer at D&D HQ 😃 He's 12.0625 big choc bars tall and spends his days making sure that we produce high quality delish choc, and then eating said choc 😜 You know, for quality control... 🍫... Read Full Article

The Story of the Great Maple

Posted on August 31, '16
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Choc & Beer Pairing with Brooklyn Brewery 🍻

Posted on August 05, '16
To celebrate International Beer Day 🍻 (best Friday ever!) we called up our friends over at Brooklyn Brewery. After much deliberation (and a purely educational beer tasting afternoon 😏), we paired up three of their bottles with three of our bomb-diggidy chocs. ... Read Full Article

Superfood spotlight: Maca

Posted on March 11, '16
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The D&D story so far...

Posted on March 04, '16
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Brilliant Brunch Spots

Posted on February 26, '16
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