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At Doisy and Dam, we know that less is more when it comes to the best chocolate ingredients. We keep ours low in numbers and high in quality: no additives. No E-numbers. No weird stuff. Just all-natural, properly-sourced, cocoa scrumptiousness (...because healthier chocolate is a thing).


We source all of our cocoa from the unspoiled dreamland of Colombia, where chocolate is famed for its fruity, nutty flavour. Crucially, we’re crystal clear on every stage of our supply chain – from bean to bar – so we can ensure two things. 1) that only the highest-quality chocolate ingredients are being used, and 2) that every one of them is ethically sourced. 


‘You’ve mentioned high-quality cocoa twice now’, you say. ‘Show us the proof, chumps.’


At the heart of our supply chain are Luker Chocolate: badass royals of the Colombian chocolate scene, big-time trailblazers in ethical chocolate and much-loved partner of Doisy & Dam. Luker set up one of two not-for-profit cocoa research facilities in the world, and its sole purpose is to learn how to produce the best cocoa possible – promising oodles of quality and flavour – whilst training farmers across Colombia to improve their yields, their profits and their quality of life.

ethically sourced cocoaSee, there are high-flavour/low-yield cocoa trees and low-flavour/high-yield cocoa trees. The majority of farmers will opt for the minimal flavour/maximum yield approach, because they need to make a living — but that can mean average beans. So the super savvy Luker lot cross-pollinate trees to produce a real-life magic bean: a hybrid bean with great taste and great yield alike. 

 cocoa bean

The result? Cocoa so flibbin’ good the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) have given it a fancy classification. All of our cocoa is classed as Fino de Aroma (‘fine flavour’). With only 8% of the world’s cocoa yield reaching Fino de Aroma status, our stuff is among the best chocolate you can get. (At Doisy and Dam HQ, we actually congregate in a circle and chant this at the start of every work day. It’s not that catchy, but it makes us feel good.)


‘And the rest of the chocolate ingredients?’, you say.


We’ll always deliver a high cocoa content in order to minimize room for sugar and fat. As for the other stuff, it’s our promise that we will use as few ingredients as possible and the best possible, and we'll make sure all of them have at least 30% less sugar than their market alternatives. Told you healthier chocolate was a thing.


So there you have it. Healthier chocolate, happier people. Boom.

Flossie Skelton
Written by Flossie Skelton
Flossie is a freelance creative and campaigns professional working professional working primarily in content writing and graphic design. Alongside Doisy & Dam, she has worked with BBC, British Journal of Photography, Bricks Magazine, Ridley Scott Associates and The Eve Appeal.

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better