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It’s no secret that social and environmental conscience has become a marketing trend among brands lately. In 2019, it’s cool to care. And we’re chuffed about that just so long as it’s authentic. When Doisy and Dam founders AKA two nice blokes called Ed and Rich set out to change the UK chocolate scene back in 2012, ‘ethics’ was so much more than a buzzword. It was a pillar principle of our business. And in 50 years, when we hope business is buzzing still, that pillar will still stand. Trendy or not.


‘Sure,’ you say. ‘Ethical chocolate. But where’s the proof?’

Doisy and Dam are incredibly proud to be a B-Corp company: a business committed to being a force for good. Our B Corp certification enables us to hold ourselves accountable to social and environmental standards from source to supply, staff and beyond so that all this talk of ethical chocolate and sustainable chocolate is backed up in an open, transparent way. It allows us to ensure a model that is, as far as possible, beneficial to people, planet and business and that leaves behind more than it takes. 

Basically, we’re the kind of business you’d take home to your mum.

‘We want more quantifiable proof!’, you say. 

Well, crucial to holding ourselves accountable is making sure we’re crystal clear on every stage of our supply chain, from bean to bar. This way, we can promise two things: 1) that only the highest-quality chocolate ingredients are being used, and 2) that every one of them is ethically sourced.

At the heart of our supply chain are Luker Chocolate: badass royals of the Colombian chocolate scene and big-time trailblazers in ethical chocolate. Luker set up one of two not-for-profit cocoa research facilities in the world, and its sole purpose is to learn how to produce the best cocoa possible whilst training farmers across Colombia (over 800 a year, in fact) to quadruple their yields, raise their profits and achieve a better quality of life. 

Many of Luker’s cocoa farms consist of land recently reclaimed from drug cartels, and all of them facilitate a solid monthly wage for farmers. This is where Doisy and Dam sources its beans. We buy through cocoa cooperatives instead of the stock market, which means more money going back into the community. Plus, Luker are passionate supporters of social and educational causes within the areas they work, dedicated to providing vital community regeneration. 

Writing doesn't do justice to the amazing work Luker do so take a look for yourself.


So you could say the proof of our ethics is quite literally in the pudding. Healthier chocolate, happier people.

And what’s more, we are working really hard on we’re rolling out recyclable products across all of our packaging. Boom.

Flossie Skelton
Written by Flossie Skelton
Flossie is a freelance creative and campaigns professional working professional working primarily in content writing and graphic design. Alongside Doisy & Dam, she has worked with BBC, British Journal of Photography, Bricks Magazine, Ridley Scott Associates and The Eve Appeal.

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better