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8 people, one shared goal and a heck of a lot of chocolate on the way.
So who are the lovely lot behind Doisy & Dam?
First of all, no one is called Doisy. Or Dam, for that matter.

Doisy & Dam are the names of two nutritional scientists, who won the Nobel Medicine Prize in 1943 for discovering Vitamin K and "superfoods"; identifying that some foods could be more nutritionally beneficial for you than others. When our founders started out, all our chocolates included a superfood, so Doisy & Dam were an inspiration. Plus, they had a much more interesting pairs of names than our Ed & Rich.

So here's a run down of the dream team that keep Doisy & Dam ticking on, creating brilliant and delicious chocolate, getting it onto shelves, and then exciting everyone to try it. 


Hannah is our New Product Developer, or our very own Willy Wonka. With us for around two and half years so far, Hannah’s favourite product is a Hazelnut nuttercup, and she loves that in her job she gets to visit real life chocolate factories.
Ed is one our our founders and loves our brand new, top secret new chocolate coming out the summer. His favourite thing about D&D is being able to turn ideas into real life chocolate creations, then see people try and love them. It’s no surprise he’s been with us since he and Rich started the brand back in 2013.

Richard is our other founder, starting with Ed back in 2013 and heading up all things Operations, Procurement and Finance. His dream when he was little was to run a chocolate factory, so he’s pretty chuffed. When he’s not talking to suppliers, he’s loving our dark chocolate Truffles.
Katie is our Head of Sales, she’s been with us for a year now, loves our Truffles most of all, and is excited to work for a growing B Corp that prioritises vegan, palm oil free and ethically sourced ingredients.

Maria is our Operations Executive, she’s been with us for just a handful of months but had a big impact so far. Her favorite thing about D&D is the opportunity to make our customers happy every day, and when it comes to her number one product, she finds it too hard to pick just one!

Liv is our Head of Marketing, who has a soft spot for our Almond Nuttercups. She’s been with us for just under a year and loves building the D&D community and making sure everyone knows that D&D is the most fun and sustainable dark chocolate brand out there.

Lucy is our National Account Manager and makes sure our chocolate is available everywhere you could want dark chocolate. She’s been with us just shy of a year, and it’s the relationship building with our epic customers keeping her with us, not just her beloved Truffles, she reassures us.

Pauline is our Head of Operations, and when she isn’t enjoying our seasonal Good Eggs, she is busy thinking about how to get our chocolate from farm to shelf as sustainably as possible. She’s been with us for two years, and is the heart and soul of Doisy!

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better