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We here at Doisy & Dam are on a mission.

A mission to prove that deliciously moreish chocolate can also be plant-based, palm oil free and made using only ethically sourced cocoa and natural ingredients. Chocolate that tastes great, is made responsibly and to the highest standard. Chocolate, where for every kg of cocoa bought for it, extra funds are donated to charity. Chocolate that housed in home compostable wrappers or recyclable materials.


We know we’ve made some tastebud-tinglingly good chocolate, and we want you to be able to try it too. That’s why, this year, we’re participating in Black Friday promotions.


We want to become the standard for chocolate. We want ethically sourced and uncompromisingly tasty chocolate to become the norm, as the more chocolate we are able to sell, the more farmers we can help, palm oil forests we can save, and prove to the world that plant power is a winner.


So, if you’re going to start your Christmas shopping early, or you’re simply stocking up for the cosy nights ahead, dip into Doisy and eat the best chocolate around.  



A Black-Green Friday guide:

  1. Toast Ale. Raising a glass to sustaiable beer - now that we can get behind. Even more so when that delicious beer is made from bread that would other wise go to waste. Win-win. They've even made a selection box of 26 beers brewed in the UK to commemorate the climate conference COP 26, with £26 of each box going to climate restoration charities. Nice work. 

  2. UpCircle. Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee. Except, have you ever stopped to think about what happens to the grounds? Well, the good people at UpCircle have, and they've got the answer - it's to upcycle them into brilliant beauty and gifting products. Think everything from facial scrubs to candles. Yes please. 

  3. DAME. Our bloody good pals at DAME have won our hearts (and numerous awards) by creating the world's first reusable tampon applicator, plus lots of better-for-you-and-the-planet sanitary products. Chic, high quality and green to the core, we're pretty damn impressed. 

  4. We Are Spruce. Nobody loves cleaning, especially when it means getting face to face with some pretty nasty chemicals. Thank goodness therefore for the lovely Spruce - who have created cleaning sprays in powder form - which just require water to activate. Plus, your first orders comes with pretty, pastel reusable cleaning spray bottles. Bring on the new generation of safe cleaning. They even have a range of gifting Christmas bundles and have offered you lovely lot 20% off with discount code: SPRUCExDD20.

  5. Doisy & Dam. Well, we couldn't not mention your chance to pick up some of the world's most sustainable chocolate (in our opinion) at 25% off. Perfect for stocking up for Christmas, or to gift over the next few weeks. Think naturally plant based and palm oil free chocolate that's housed in as much recyclable packaging as possible, plus for every Black Friday bundle ordered, we'll be planting 10 trees via our partners at the Eden Reforestation Project.  Plus, did we mention it's delicious? Moreishly so! 

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better

Chocolate makes everything better

So we made everything about chocolate better